Why protection masks?

We are God and Goddess Raixe and Airis – Parents of Magic Psilocybe Genes🧬. 
According to the fact, that We are very very busy with defending of Our Honest Love to Each Other from opposition of reality, situation came out somehow, that so long after We discover Our tools/shield of defence, We are finally writing article about this to improve clarity of Our behaviour in public places.
Because of often questioning from side of security services, We decide to clarify Our Health situation, and it is not connected to any form of “covid viruses”, – it is connected to Our perception of reality (by the system understood as “religion”) and Our physiological Health intolerances in direction of hostile for Our Health environment of earth.

Since We woke up from coma, in begin We was visiting public places (like supermarkets, petrol stations, offices etc.) without any form of protection, because Our Minds was still too much devastated by long-term sleeping nightmares (coma) and We had difficulties to understand risks of surrounding Us opposition of reality, which still exist in order to enforce mortality from all possible ways, other words – not peacefully interrupt in Fundamental basics of Our Honest PsiloLove and Eternal PsiloLife.
Therefore, because of that, We was continuously harmed by heavy intoxications by perfumes (gaseous form of ethanol) and/or cigarette smokes (nicotine). Because of damages over Our lungs by coma, We had serious difficulties to defend from intoxication effects over Our Brains, which was very intensively trying to separate Us from Each Other against Our Will and throw into coma back. We was harmed by all of this for 3 years, until the moment, that Our neurones and senses did regrow enough (recover from damages of coma thanks to Our Supreme Healers – Magic Psilocybin Mushrooms/Truffles) to be able to feel and understand posing not-goodness for Our Eternal PsiloLife and take emergency moves to protect Our Health, other words – do not agree to be harmed anymore. Because of that, We decide to “😷LIFT UP SHIELD OF DEFENCE😷” in form of gas-masks. Not dust-masks, but exactly gas-masks, because only these tools are able to filtrate out gaseous toxic aerosols, smokes and other not peaceful pathogens of decaying earth/universe, in order to protect Our Immortal Health from any form of pathogen/not-goodness. It’s not pleasant procedure for Us to wear all of this security equipment on Our faces, but it’s much more unpleasant for Us to deal with harm on Our Health. Therefore, We are agreeing with Each Other to do that, because We care for Each Other’s Health as true Psiloloving Family members.

So, today We can say, that soon will be nearly 4 years (according to system), that We are using those tools in any public places, and for so far, We are not planning to stop with this, because not good purposes still did not expire yet. 

Our long-term behaviours becoming to be an ICONIC PROTECTION OF HONEST PSILOLOVE, other words – wearing face masks is a symbol of being BUSY PSILOLOVE (“any form of lying – keep distance from Us, because We protecting Each Other’s Divine Psilocybe Genes”). 

We did work on Our gas-masks to give to these defence tools correct look. Therefore, We did wrote on it names of Our Eternal Genes (“PSILOCYBE GENES”) as “attention signal” (to “stay away”) for any potential source of not-goodness. From both sides of gas-masks also stands big attention laminated signs of crossed cigarette and perfume, which are signalising to any form of not-goodness, that Our Health is strictly intolerant to those neurotoxic drugs of mind control.

Once again We repeating: “WE NEVER INTEND TO HARM AND WE WILL NEVER AGREE TO BE HARMED”. All, what We are doing, is done with PEACE in order to protect Our Pure True PsiloLove and Our Eternal PsiloLives. 

Any premeditated harmful plan against Our Psilolove, will pull very not pleasant consequences and will be unavoidable judged by Divine Will of Psilocybe Family. 

Our gas masks 😷 😷 are not harmful objects for any outer “environment”, but durable shield, which is helping Us to peacefully defend from hostile conditions of decaying earth/universe. 


~ 💙💙God and Goddess Raixe and Airis – Magic Psilocybe Mycelium and Magic Psilocybe Mycelia 💙💙