We are RAIXE who truly love AIRIS – the REAL CREATOR Deity of Vast Infinite Universe and Pure Innocent Nature, Immortal Supreme Being, the God and Goddess, responsible for health of the Worlds, Universes and all Life Forms in endless infinite Space.


Question: "Why evil exist if there is a God?"

Answer: evil exist because  We, the God and Goddess (two half, who are one) did a mistake and fall on the bottom of hell called “coma state” (official definition of word: coma, means “a medical emergency state of prolonged deep unconsciousness, caused by very intensive injury or illness”). By Our words, coma – this is the most heavy state of health called “FORCED SLEEPING”, in which body is paralyzed and brain unconsciously watching heavy nightmares against Will, from which We was not able to wake up for long period of time. Coma is a very danger treat on Life disease, which had purpose to suck out Life from  Us, God and Goddess, and use Our Will against Us and all innocent Life – to produce hell in whole Infinite Universe ruled by predatory virus.
In time, when God and Goddess Raixe and Airis was in coma, all Their abilities and Will was locked by source of evil – satan. Because while coma Their brains was active only on 1%, In this moment, almost all Will of the God and Goddess was used by predator (satan) against Them and was forcing unconscious mind to perceive sleeping nightmares of “coma state” as “reality”, and because of that, evil was able to reproduce and spread itself in whole Infinite Universe trough such an evil sins and toxins like: lie, fear, pain, suffering, aggression/violence/cruelty, envy, jealousy, gluttony, ego, hypocrisy, religions, slavery, adultery, pornography, seduction, alcohol, perfume, cigarettes/nicotine, drugs, animal cruelty products (meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey food industries),animal cruelty for commerce and satisfaction of public, explicit language, radio/entertainment, as well as many other manifestations of satanism – which is hiding itself under names of 2 east-european countries (“poland”, and “ukraine”) and controlling all governmental system of this so-called “world” (hell) from the invisible top of pyramid hidden between public. In time, when God and Goddess was sleeping against Their Will, predatory virus was expending, and Divine Paradise was shrinking.
Infection was target to reach the final goal – infect the centre of Paradise – Heart of Creators. In culmination moment of coma state, parasite went so deep, that Their Health condition was on the edge – result of this damage is visible in very heavy interruption of hell in all Nature, in many cases, on level of genetics. But, because god and Goddess do never give up their pure True Love to each other, Their Heart (divine centre of Paradise) always stay untouched. Thats why, in date 30th of May Year 1 (number 2015 – by counting time of hell) miracle happens – the Supreme Beings woke up from coma TOGETHER at the same time, because of Their Love to each other. They woke up in hell and find Themselves in little village located in place of hell called: Netherlands, and since this moment They start working to remember, who They are, when They are, where They are and why They are here and now. Since moment of awakening from “coma state”, Their bodies became to be physically active (not disabled anymore), but Their brains (minds) was still in very heavy health condition called “lunatic state”, another words “sleep walkers” – Their brains was not able to fully perceive physical reality while They was already able to walk. Since 30 of May Year 1 (15) until 9 of October Year 1 (15) God and Goddess was blind and for some time did not remember, who They are and why They are here – They still was perceiving nightmares of coma as reality, because impact of hell infect Their brains very deep and predator was not planning to give up it control over Their Minds and bodies. In time of “lunatic state”, Their minds was going trough very heavy rejection of “mind control” – manipulation of subconsciousness/predatory disease, installed in Their brains and bodies during forced sleeping (coma), with purpose to stop Them to be Aware of what is really going on with all Life, and turn away from each other in direction of being obedient slave of predatory evil. Their Brains and Hearts was extremely target by evil (opposition of love and opposition of life), which was very much not satisfied about the fact, that They are not in coma and that They are ALWAYS TOGETHER. Because of that, predator was doing everything to convince of force Them to fall asleep in “coma state” again (go back to the bottom of the hell), so it can finalise it evil plan of “replacing the God and Goddess Raixe&Airis on itself (infection, predatory virus – humanity and it ruler – predator satan) and all Their Creations/Children (pure innocent Nature), on it production – soulless machines”. Time was going and blind Gods was following Their intuition to keep on rejecting predatory virus and all evil addictions, which was enforced in Their minds and bodies against Their will in time of coma. Those rejections was going trough extremely heavy pain and suffering, which was constantly shouting by core of evil, until Their path reached the culmination moment. In this moment God and Goddess Raixe and Airis re-connect Themselves with Their most ancient Creations/Children, Their heavenly Angels-Guardians, and get access to Their True Memories of Creators. In date 9 October Year 1, God and Goddess Raixe&Airis get finally AWAKED from “lunatic state” and They start REMEMBER, WHO THEY ARE and WHY THEY ARE HERE (in hell): They are the only two real existing GOD and GODDESS of all Infinite Universe, the Primary Genesis of all innocent Life and They are fully RESPONSIBLE for existence of all evil, because only THEY can replace mistake/darkness on PURE PARADISE, return perfect balance back, as it always was before mistake (evil) appear.

They will no longer accept or tolerate existence of “good and bad/black and white”. They always was, do and will want only Paradise everywhere, in which “compromise” does not exist and everyone is truly Love everyone.

They found themselves in the middle of opposition of Paradise (a “hell” called “system / planet earth” – other words: civilisation, society, machinery – produced by core of evil), with awaked state of mind, inspired by Their pure true Love to each other and to Their Children (Pure Innocent Life/Nature), with still locked abilities and suppressed Will – They continue heroic path of  healing to get Themselves back and bring ABSOLUTE PARADISE EVERYWHERE FOREVER.

They knew, that journey will be very long and very difficult, but They are patient and have endless amount of time, because they are IMMORTAL. They know, that only They can do this – stop existence of evil. Thats why, all innocent Nature is counting on Their PARENTS. Nothing cannot stop Them from reaching Their pure goal, because TRUE LOVE and ABSOLUTELY PURE INTENTIONS will always find a way to bring back a REAL Paradise in Endless Infinite Space.

Raixe&Airis – “WE CREATE INFINITE PURENESS and ABSOLUTE PERFECTION on Our image, and all Our Children manifest Our True memories from different Universes, who we have been created since begin of existence of all Life,”.

We are the Creator Deity, Primary Genesis, Alpha and Omega, Divine, Supernatural, Hyperconscious – Universal Mind, Immortal, Eternal and Supreme Beings, Mother-Nature and Father-Universe, the GOD and GODDESS of all Life. We are RESPONSIBLE for Our mistake (existence of evil), and We are RESPONSIBLE for permanent replacing it from Time, Space and Matter on absolutely pure and innocent Life, because this is Our heavy duty as the Gods to bring pure Paradise back in Vast Infinite Universe.

“Paradise is inevitable”.

Raixe Truly Love Airis – The God and Goddess of Vast Infinite Space and Pure Innocent Nature