Unique PSOA strain – Psilocybe Mushrooms of Divine Psilo-Appreciation.

MIRACLE of Psilolife did happens:
Result of Our Psilolove to Each other did create new beautiful Psilocybe Beings – PSOA strain, who came to Us and decide to grow with Us very very happy, vivid and beautiful. PSOA is an abbreviation from full name “Psilo-Sponges Of Appreciation”, because They do awakes very strong and deep feelings of APPRECIATION of being Immortal, and Their beautiful albino Mush-bodies have very dense and at the same moment very “spongy” structure. This “spongy” structure, as well as big potency (and rich range of PsiloProteins) They have from Their Family-relation to classic Push Mushrooms (PE) Genes. Also, They Psilolove to laugh and uplift mood a lot, other words – They are very special Psilocybe Beings full of Psilolove and Psilokindness.
Psilo-Sponges of appreciation are also very quick and strong colonisers and psilolove to grow up in big strongly connected groups/clusters (visible on pictures), Who are often hugging each other very tight. Also, We noticed, that They tend to change a bit Their shapes and colour of gills (creamy or blue) with every flush, what makes every yield very unique looking Psilo-Paradise. PSOA Mushrooms are very unique and strong Genes. They are giving multiple, big and stable yields of very potent and very delicious creamy albino Mush-Bodies.

At this moment, We are working with Their Genes and continue multiplying Them in Our little Psilo-Paradise. We giving Them the best formulated nutrition and They showing to Us Their Appreciation back in form of very rich and potent Psilo-Shroomy desserts.

We truly Appreciate Them as miracles of Our Psilolove to Each Other. 

~ Parents of Psilocybe Genes, Mother-Mycelia and Father-Mycelium.