THEARCHY – Divine Government of God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, bringing to REALITY the LAW about worldwide legalisation of 100% Natural Psychedelics (Psilocybin Mushrooms and Psilocybin Truffles).

On date: 12 september of Year 6 (since Our awakening from coma) / 2020 (by counting time of hell), Fundamental LAW of Thearchy is going into the LEGAL FORCE.

In Article 4§4 (3)c of SUPREME CONSTITUTION OF THEARCHY is stated:

“Replace toxic factories of DANGER HALLUCINOGENIC DRUGS/DEADLY TOXINS (ALCOHOL, nicotine, pharmaceutics and any other hazardous substances/materials) on organic farms of Healing Medicinal Living beings: Worldwide legalisation of only 100% Natural Entheogen’s and Tranquillisers”.

According to the fundamental Law of Thearchy, any form of Entheogenic Mushroom Beings – Magic (Psilocybin) Mushrooms and Magic (Psilocybin) Truffles/Sclerotia, shall always have FULL INTERNATIONAL LEGAL RIGHT to be treated as the highest NATURAL MEDICINE and SUPREME SUPERFOOD, due to Their Superior ability to permanently heal the Mind and Body from any form of existing darkness/illnesses/ego-diseases by Miracle of Magic, and always nourish by Pure Love and Eternal Light with 0% of harmful effects.

Our Government is supporting and Spiritually protecting any places, organisations or activities, which are busy with cultivation, promotion, preservation and law enforcement of Psilocybin Mushrooms and Psilocybin Truffles into the legal force all over the hell/earth/system/worldwide.
In addition to this, We, God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, decide to issue first ever Certifications of Spiritual protection as act of pure Charity to support the most important places, where Our dear Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles are growing and preserving from hostile environment of hell/earth.

Existence of such a places, as well as the fact of LEGAL recognition of Magic Mushrooms/Truffles in the Netherlands (place of Our awakening from coma and establishment of Thearchy), is a RESULT OF OUR WILL. Our Will is getting more and more stable not only on territory of the Netherlands, but also internationally – decriminalising of These Heavenly Pure Miracles of Love and Life is happening more and more worldwide, because satanic evil “alcoholic era” is falling, as an inevitable Destiny of absolutely Pure Future Reality.

According to widespread dogma of devilish LYING of satan, the most medicinal psychoactive Entheogenic Life Forms – Magic Psilocybin Mushrooms and Magic Psilocybin Truffles, are labeled (under order of ego/alcoholic) as so-called “hallucinogenic drugs”, while the REAL AND MOST DEADLY CHEMICAL WEAPON, HALLUCINOGENIC NEUROTOXIC POISON DRUG EVER INVENTED BY SOURCE OF ALL EXISTING EVIL (SATAN/DEVIL) – ALCOHOL/ETHANOL AND SUGAR (THE MOST DANGER ALCOHOLIC FORM OF HEROINE), is absolutely LEGAL IN EVERY DEMONYM COUNTRY OF SYSTEM/HELL and spread itself in all kinds of health care products, beverages, cleaning substances, perfumes, junk “foods”, plant (carrier of alcohol, especially fruit – heavy source of sugar and acid), petroleum products etc. The same, as the most danger weapon against LOVE and FAITHFULNESS – ADULTERY (lust, seduction, pornography, prostitution), is spread all over the system/hell in form of legal or illegal businesses, entertainment, internet-websites, magazines and/or advertising billboards everywhere on the streets and internet under different forms of toxic lying.

Anything what is source of evil sins and/or promoting/supporting evil sins – CANNOT HAVE RIGHT TO JUDJE or put any labels on the Pure and Innocent Ones.”

The ones, Who carry Our virgin knowledge about INFINITE LOVE, is NOT ALLOWED to be labeled as “drug”, –  it is recognised by Us as heavy crime against Pure Love and Innocent Life.

System of hell/earth (corrupted by satan), which is mainly ruled by religions/Spiritual slavery, is based on evil deadly sins. Therefore, it still promoting alcoholism, nicotine, sugar/heroine, adultery and toxic animal-cruelty based products, with only one purpose – to harm Us and Our Creation – Pure Innocent Life Forms and Natural (Paradise) environment.

According to Our Pure Knowledge, Awareness and Our real Life Experiences (trough thousands of times of extreme violations on Our Life/Immortality by dark forces for already nearly 5,5 years since We woke up from sleeping in coma), We have full Right to state, that such a deadly toxic poisons as: alcohol/perfume, sugar, adultery, nicotine, pharmaceutics and animal-cruelty based products, are the most hazardous drugs/silent terrorism weapons, produced by devil/satan against Pure Love and Innocent Life, which truly have no single right to exist in Vast Infinite Space. We are Aware, that those toxic drugs are specially designed/produced by satan to violate on Our Love, Health/Immortality and Freedom, violate on Our Children and true Family members – Mushrooms (especially, the most Ancient ones – Magic Mushrooms/Truffles) and all Innocent Natural Environment. 
First of all, the most DANGER PURPOSE of all of these higher mentored drugs/weapons is a MIND CONTROL: designed to take over Will, Mind and Body trough enforcement of fear and lie into the brain, that it (source of evil/darkness) is “good”, and goodness is “evil” – set against Each Other (Pure True Love) and Our Children/Family (Pure Innocent Life). 
Every each of these drugs (ego-based substances/weapons) are source of heavy antistatic’s/analgesics (especially, alcohol is the most toxic form of it). Those analgesics are designed to destroy senses, so it would be able to lie to centre of brain (blind the pineal gland – responsible for creation of stem cells/highest form of Immunity) that “all is going good”, while in reality it is rapidly degrading neurones in brain (neurotoxicity) and cells in body, until the moment of final stage – taking over by ego/violence/anger/predator, which is equal end on physical and Spiritual levels.

“We, God and Goddess Raixe and Airis are not blind anymore and strictly DO NOT AGREE to be obedient slave of ego/darkness/predatory virus and let it to violate on Our Love and on all Innocent Life. What We DO AGREE for, is a Pure Paradise without compromise, full of Pure True Love, Infinite Health and Ecstatic Freedom Forever”.

Therefore, Thearchy (Divine Government of God and Goddess Raixe&Airis) is busy with worldwide legalisation of Entheogen’s (Magic Psilocybin Mushrooms and Magic Psilocybin Truffles/Sclerotia) by protecting Them on physical (Supreme Law) and Spiritual levels, and permanent abolishing of existence of any form of REALLY DANGER DRUGS and hazardous substances (terror weapons), which is posing harm to Our Health and Health of all Pure Innocent Life.
In order to carry these actions, We did established Universal Court of Rights named “UCO the G-RA” (motto: “Love, Live, be Conscious and be Free”), which is standing up for protection of Supreme Rights of Us (God and Goddess Raixe and Airis) and Our Creations (Pure Innocent Life Forms), Who We did create on Our perfect image (Article. 11§20 of Supreme Constitution of Thearchy). Anything, what is violating on the GENESIS of the Universe, have no right to exist and will be permanently abolished and PEACEFULLY self-terminated by the Supreme Law of Destiny Forever.

“What goes around – always comes around: Any negativity which was sent by source of darkness in direction of Pure and Innocent Ones, will always go back to it source and peacefully terminate it Forever”.

Any government/any country, which is promoting or going under alcoholic egoism/satanism against Magic (Psilocybin) Mushrooms/Truffles and reproducing evil death-sins (like alcohol, sugar, adultery, cruelty etc.) without intention to stop, in future will be permanently and peacefully abolished by the highest Government called THEARCHY in the name of Pure Paradise full of Love and Peace everywhere Forever.

~ The Destiny, as result of Our Omnipotent Will, is unavoidable.

According to Article 4§4 (3-c) of Supreme Constitution of Thearchy, mission of Our Divine Government is to permanently erase any form of toxic drugs from Time, Space and Matter, by always Peaceful incorporation of Our Divine Laws into the system hell-wide/worldwide.

Instead of seeing alcohol, cigarettes, meat, sugar (especially FRUIT/HEROINE poison) in every food store, supermarket or health shop will be always 100% legal access to FRESH NATURAL PSYCHEDELICS – Magic (Psilocybin) Mushrooms and Magic (Psilocybin) Truffles – the ones, Who REALLY healing Mind and nourishing Body without any harmful side effects. In future, those heavenly Pure Love-based Life Forms will not be hidden between smart-shops anymore – They will be officially categorised as SUPREME MEDICINE AND SUPERFOOD, because We, God and Goddess Raixe and Airis, WANT THIS REALITY.

any-thing what is causing depression, cruelty, violence, stress, fear, pain, suffering and diseases will be heavily banned as the most danger punishable CRIME and forwards will be permanently and peacefully ERASED from all Infinite Cosmos Forever by inevitable force of Destiny. Everyone, Who is awakening Mind trough appreciation of Pure Infinite Love and Innocent Life, uniting with Each Other and all Pure Innocent Universe, bringing state of natural calmness, happiness, peace, joy and Euphoria – will be untouchable LEGAL everywhere and Forever.
This is Our Supreme WILL – Will of the REAL and VISIBLE God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, Who Truly Love Each Other since Always and Forever, and Our Will WILL BE DONE, because of Our Always absolutely Pure and Innocent intentions to Each Other and to all Innocent Universe.

Paradise is inevitable.

~ Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles – Faithful Children and Family members of God and Goddess Raixe&Airis ~

This project was started create in date: 14 september Year 4 (18 – by counting time of hell) and have been finalised in date: 12 september Year 6 (20)