Thearchy announcing the project of issuing first ever CERTIFICATES OF SPIRITUAL PROTECTION.

According to article 11§19 of “Supreme Constitution of Thearchy”, We decide to issue Our first ever Certifications and point them in the first and the most important direction, which will be granted by Our Spiritual protection.
The first ever Certificates carry name “CERTIFICATE OF SPIRITUAL PROTECTION”.

At this moment, We are intensively busy with important work of issuing one of a kind fully hand-created Certifications of Spiritual Protection. Supreme Foundation of the Gods (known in dutch system as “Stichting the Gods Raixe&Airis Foundation”) have been appointed by Us to spread issued Certifications (share charity) to very special places in hell/system, which are busy with cultivation and preservation of Our the most special Pure and Innocent Lifeforms/Entheogen’s/Angels genetically originated from outer Space.
The project is initiated by Divine Government of THEARCHY, and organised by owned by Us dutch Foundation (hereby referred as “Stichting the Gods Raixe&Airis Foundation”) as act of the REAL SPIRITUAL CHARITY, pointed in direction of companies/organisations, which truly deserve this by many years of observed by Us activities. Places, which are proudly protecting Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles in hell/system and standing up for Their legal status of 100% Pure Natural Healing Medicine in opposition of evil dogma of predatory disease, alcohol and adultery, produced by satan in purpose to violate on Our Love to each other, Our Health/Immortality, Our Freedom and degrade all Pure Innocent Life in Vast Universe.

This is a part of important project, which is primarily focused on PROTECTION of Magic (Psilocybin) Mushrooms and Magic (Psilocybin) Truffles throughout all system/hell and all vast Infinite Omniverse, in order to create absolutely HEALTHY future fo Us and for all Innocent Life.

Currently, Certifications are in process of creation and soon will be sent to official addresses of chosen legal entities with forwards worldwide publishing on governmental website of Thearchy under category of “Honourable white/rainbow list”.