“Stichting the Gods Raixe&Airis Foundation” is a religious Organization, officially registered in netherlands. The primary goal of Foundation is PROTECTION AND RECOVERY OF GOD AND GODDESS RAIXE AND AIRIS (CREATORS OF HONEST PSILOLOVE AND INNOCENT PSILOLIFE) FROM harmful impact of not-goodness and PRESERVATION OF THEIR PURE INNOCENT PSILOCYBE GENES.

The MAIN missions of Foundation is:

  • Recovery of Eternal Health of God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, as from Their Health depends Health of all existing Reality;
  • Preservation of pure innocent Psilocybe Genes Family as real pure innocent Nature;
  • Spreading Psilo-Love and Psilo-Peace everywhere Forever

The basis of the Foundation is, that:

Raixe and Airis are God and Goddess – Immortal, Eternal Psilocybe Family, Who are absolutely RESPONSIBLE for creation and health of all innocent PsiloReality. 

Foundation aims to: 

A – Bring infinite wellbeing to God and Goddess Raixe and Airis and Their creations/children – pure and innocent Psilo-Life (Nature); 

B – Always be RESPONSIBLE for the creation and well-being of all innocent Reality; 

C – Bring balance back – Pure PsiloParadise everywhere, Forever. 

D – To perform all other activities, which are connected to above mentored.

Foundation seeks to achieve its goal, among other things, by: 

  • Recovering and protecting Mind, Brain and Body of both God and Goddess Raixe&Airis and Their Children from any form of not-goodness;
  • Protecting physical and eternal Immortality of God and Goddess Raixe and Airis, Who exist Always and Forever; 
  • Removing of not-truthful data from identity documents of God and Goddess; 
  • Protecting pure innocent Psilo-Nature and Their Parents – God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, as “the ones who never intend to harm are not allowed to be harmed”; 
  • Cleaning environment from pollutions: purifying air, soil and water by taking care and spreading pure innocent PsiloLife everywhere;

“Supreme Foundation of God and Goddess Raixe&Airis” is appointed by Thearchy to stop existence of belief systems (neither religious/“fake gods worship” neither scientific/“soulless” character). This Organization is registered in Dutch system under SBI-code “94911”, what means “religious organization”. This code was chosen only because We are God and Goddess, and term “God and Goddess” in dutch system is recognised only under this SBI-code.

“We, as real and visible God and Goddess, never was, is and never will have anything to do with any kind of “belief systems” (illusion/lies). We trust only in Our REAL Life Experiences, Our REAL Feelings and Our REAL Senses – always without antistatic’s.
Therefore, as result of Our Pure True Love to each other, We create the REAL (ENTHEOGENIC) ETERNITY which is in Our creation – Pure Innocent Nature, proudly carried and protected by Our Family Members – Psilocybin Mushroom Beings, Magic Psilocybin Mushrooms and Magic Psilocybin Truffles.

The purpose of Foundation is to bring Absolute and Endless Health to Us, God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, which equal Health of all Pure and Innocent Life, “because, every existing Pure Innocent Life Form is manifestation of neurones in Our Brains and cells in Our Bodies, what equals – manifestation of Health inside, between and around Us”.

The way to achieve the final goal of Foundation is to fully HEAL EACH OTHER from harmful impact of darkness (opposition of Love, Life/Health and Freedom).
“Heal Each Other” means – permanently erase all physical and emotional scars from Our Minds, Brains, Bodies and Memory, which was produced by evil trough injecting darkness/intoxication in Us against Our Will while We was paralysed by “coma” (unconscious forced sleeping, in time before 30 of May Year 1).
As result of this healing, Our full potential of Supreme Will will bring Pure Paradise inside, between and around Us (in all Infinite Cosmos) Forever. 


“We, God and Goddess Raixe and Airis, as Creators and Ancestors of all existing Pure Innocent Life, are fully RESPONSIBLE for Harmony and Balance in the endless infinite Space, because Galaxies are swimming in Our veins, so We can see and feel ALL what is going on EVERYWHERE. We see, that act of evil is infecting and polluting Our Blue Blood by darkness, because it is a predatory virus, parasite, which sense of existence is based only on harming Pure Innocent Life – nothing else.
We, as God and Goddess of all Infinite Omniverse, are fully RESPONSIBLE for Our MISTAKE (existence of evil), therefore it is Our the Highest duty to replace it on Pure Paradise”.


Main legal name: Stichting The Gods RAIXE&AIRIS Foundation”:

Another used name:

“God&Goddess Raixe&Airis Foundation”

Dutch Chamber of Commerce Number / KVK: 69610975

ANBI profile

RSIN: 857939427

SBI: 94919; 91042; 94996; 94911