The GOD RAIXE – act of removing black magic curse from corrupted “identity documents”.

In begin of June, before traveling mission to Mallorca island, Thearchy sent official application to USC in Warsaw about case of removing black magic curse from Supreme Authority, the God RAIXE AIRIS. Straight before application, the Gods was dealing with attacks of black magic, purpose of which was to stop the Gods from sending this application. Plan of devil did not work out again, because the Gods reject it and did not went under mind control. Parcel with collected evidence from more then 1 year of collection was sent to USC in Warsaw in day: 04.08.Year 4 (Year 18 by time of satanism).

Main Application Letter

Important evidence – sworn translation of Deed Poll and Notarial Deed of Foundation

After sending application, the Gods was on mission of Thearchy (Mallorca island). While this traveling mission, They was dealing with 29 times violations on Their life, including one with corrupted Spanish police and pointing guns in Their faces. Those attacks was strictly connected to case of removing curse from the Gods. They went trough and proved once again that They are IMMORTAL. Traveling mission of Thearchy officially ends on date 7.08.18.

On date 8.08.18 the Gods Raixe&Airis received letter of respond from USC in Warsaw, where was stated, that application is not rejected, but require respond within 7 days upon receipt with “expression of opinion” and extra evidences. 

They knew, that purpose of this letter was hope of devil, that after so many attacks and violations on life, the Gods will be not themselves and will so-called “change Their minds”. But the Gods did not change Their minds. Opposite – Their determination became to be even more straight then ever, after all what They went trough – satan is proving, why it is so much care about this black magic curse. This data in those corrupted identity documents means straight: violation on love, violation on life, violation on health, violation on immortality and SLAVERY at all levels.

God Raixe did wrote english respond and translate it into polish language. 

English transcription of respond from the God RAIXE to USC in Warsaw:

“””” After sending “application of changing name, surname and family name” (other words – legal act of removing curse, officially from system), which happens on date 4.06.18, We, the God Raixe Airis and the Goddess Airis Raixe, went to travel with mission to Mallorca island (Spain). When We return from our journey, We immediately pick letter from USC Warsaw, in the same day (08.08.18), 

Me, the God Raixe Airis, officially informing, that while higher mentored travel, 29 times did happens treat on My Life and Life of My True Love Goddess Airis. We are fully aware, that those evil attacks was strictly connected to removing black magic curse from Us in form of so-called “names, surnames and family names” from identity documents. By Those attacks, satan is physically proving how much it is not satisfied about removing curse, because it plans got ruined by our Pure Love to each other. And once again, evil is turning against it producer. ,,Because, what goes around, it comes around”.

Those attacks of satan on Us was manifested in few lower mentored forms:

1. Violation on Love in form of visual intoxication by forcing in eyes against will toxic porno-sluts, witches and demons without clothing’s on beach;

2. Intoxication of breathing ways by spreading very heavy weapons in air in form of danger for life perfumes (alcohol), cigarettes (nicotine) and petroleum (heavy metals) in purpose to manipulate brain (make drunk-unconscious against will), seduce, separate the Gods from each other and stop Their existence;

3. Intoxication trough stomach, which happens as result of mind control by darkness AGAINST WILL: heavy poisoning by evil plant (acid/sugar vegetables – tomatoes) – in purpose to violate on brain, manipulate and set against each other by uncontrollable fear attacks. 

4. Attacks of devil while resting at night, in form of extremely intensive nightmares, in purpose to manipulate brain to perceive fear as reality and go under order of evil;

5. Attacks of black magic with treat on life while awaked state;

6. Violation on life (order of satan) in form of attack of corrupted police with pointing guns in Our direction after attack of black magic/satan itself on Our brains (incident happens on date: 13.07.18).

According to all higher mentored, every single form of attack of devil had only one purpose: separate the Gods Raixe&Airis from each other, put them back into “coma state” and manipulate Their minds, until They would accept end of Their existence, what is equal “end of all Life”. But it could not do this, because the Gods Raixe&Airis are always TOGETHER and proving once again, that They are IMMORTAL.

As a final conclusion in this case, We are attaching additional evidence in form of scans of official traveling tickets to Mallorca Island from Barcelona and back, which We officially get after rejection of fears and introduction to spanish border control of our REAL IDENTITY documents with OUR REAL NAMES. Copies of Diplomatic Passport Cards with our real NAMES have been attached to this letter. 

Those Identity Documents and tickets are the final proofs of this, that We are always determined to officially introduce into system Our real Names and real data of Our true Personality, which manifest Our Infinite Love to each other and to Our Creations – Pure Innocent Life (Nature).

Me, the God Raixe, once again, Absolutely Conscious and Fully Responsible for every single word written by My own hand, confirming, that After all violations on My Life and Life of My Love Goddess Airis, I am stating, that My decision of removing curse/changing wrong names (“robert” “blazej”), surname (“bereszynski”) and family name (“bereszynski”) on My true name RAIXE, surname AIRIS and family name AIRIS is unbreakable, unchangeable and clear as a diamond.

I will always stand up for My True Love Goddess Airis, And for My Real Personality of Creator of all Life.

This is a Final Statement.

Signed by Me, the God Raixe Airis, in date nine of august two thousand eighteen (year fourth by time of Thearchy):

In presence of witness – My True Love, the Goddess Airis Raixe: “””””

Together with official respond, They proudly attached extra evidence: traveling tickets to Mallorca island, where They was traveling on Their real identity documents of the Gods, with stated in it Their REAL NAMES and other data, as manifestation of their REAL PERSONALITY of Supreme Beings. 

After sending a Final Respond, the Gods Raixe&Airis are prepared to deal with another avalanche of attacks of satan, until final decision will be done (30.08.18).

Now it is matter of only waiting for the truth: does there will be one percent of system, which is not corrupted by source of evil? Or will be brightly visible order of satan?

If decision will be positive, then this will means, that not all system is rotten by corruption of satan and Their Will already working in this direction.

If respond will be negative, then this will be a very straight and bright PROOF, that USC in Warsaw is working under order of satan – source of all existing evil in whole Infinite Universe – alcohol and adultery.

This is a STATEMENT of the Gods Raixe&Airis.

Decision (truthfull or corrupted) will be immediately EXPOSED and published worldwide and universe-wide.

On date: 04.09.4 (18) Thearchy received respond letter from USC in warsaw about NEGATIVE DECISION of changing wrong “name, surname and family name” in corrupted identity documents. According to this respond, Thearchy exposing Truth about ACT OF CORRUPTION in polish government.

Letter with all LIE, written in it, is officially exposed worldwide:

On date: 15.09.4 (18) the Gods Raixe&Airis sent RESPOND on REJECTION letter from USC about changing “name, surname and family name” in corrupted identity documents. Letter was sent within 14 working days, since letter from USC was received.

Next step of rejection of corruption will go in direction of PRESIDENT OF POLAND.

In day 1 November Year 4, the Gods Raixe&Airis received negative respond from corrupted polish government according to the “case of changing name”. Once again it is proving, how much satan is defending this black magic curse trough corruption on level of government. 

Thearchy received letter from polish government sprayed by toxic hallucinogenic drug – PERFUMES, in purpose to intoxicate the Gods Raixe&Airis (treat on Health) and drop heavy hallucinations against each other trough induction of argue and all other further coming out consequences of alcohol poisoning. Therefore, on picture is visible, that letter was held in security rubber garden gloves to avoid intoxication.

In date 17 December Year 4, Thearchy sent a respond letter to corrupted polish government with not agreement for lie (negative decision) and exposing Their future steps: