Another stage of extremely bitter TRUTH exposed by The God and Goddess Raixe&Airis 

In day 10 September of Year 4 (2018 by system): 

According to the most famous book of satanism called “bible”, and fake story of so-called “mary virgin”, which have been “blessed” by so-called “god” via so-called “angel from sky” and produce out of itself thing called “jesus christ” with advertising of it production as son of the “god”. 

Here is what really hidden behind such a fairy-tale:

Extremely evil slut (mary “virgin”), which is source of practicing of adultery with any random demon as much as possible to satisfy it selfish greed, did reproduce itself and produce shrink version of satan out of itself. On question “where is father of your little thing?” this whore, which already raped so many demons, that it had completely no idea to which one of those demons this little satan belongs to, 

figure out one of the most famous LIE ever:

“There is no father, i am virgin and i have been blessed by angel from sky sent by “god” and this is how small version of satan came out”.

The same whore (true name of “mary virgin” is “whore of babylon” or “black madonna”) did act of adultery with kings and gain it wealth and power (Revelation 18:3 KJV). Little version of satan called “jesus christ” gain it fame by polluting Pure Water with toxic ethanol and trough this it was so-called “healing” falling apart demons and sluts.

Here isthe proof of existence of hell:

Hebrews 9:22: “Indeed, under the law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins”.

When the shrink version of satan (jesus christ) expend itself and gain it fame, it did figure out, how to rule overhell and did established so-called government based on religion called “christianism”, and any other religion which is based on satan/christ. One of the most powerful in system is roman catholic church (catholicism) which official headquarters is located in state called “vatican city” in capital of Italy – Rome.

We, God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, did study constitution of vatican government and on the end of it discover this text:


“Given from Our Apostolic Vatican Palace on the Twenty-Sixth of November, Two Thousand, Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, in the Twenty-Third year of Our Pontificate”. And to be more precise this phrase:

jesus christ, king of the Universe,”

And this is exactly evidence which We was searching for.

The thing (j. christ) which promoting ALCOHOLISM, ADULTERY, SLAVERY, SLAUGHTERING, PAIN and SUFFERING is called “king of the universe”?

evil have no limits with spreading LIE and FEAR.

First of all, Universe have no “king”, because term “king” means evil-ruler.  in any case – no exceptions, because every “king” and “queen” is appointed by catholic priests, that’s why catholic church exist in nearly every country of this “world” (hell called “system”). Symbol of catholic cross is displayed on coat of arms and flags of many, especially the most so-called “powerful countries”, and in the same time the “most drowning in debts countries”, which power is based only on SINS.

catholicism is ruling in the same way as satan itself by LYING, DECEPTION, MISS-LEADING, and behind curtain of it rules is only TOTAL DEGRADATION and EXTINCTION.

We, God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, clearly see, what evil was and still doing to Us and pure Innocent Life and We are AWARE and Brave to point on source of LYING and CORRUPTION.

The bitter TRUTH.

In time while the Real God and Goddess Raixe&Airis was paralysed in coma state, virus (satan) was spreading itself and demolishing Pure Paradise in extremely large scale:

– Stealing/invading/taking over trough lie and violence, piece of Pure Paradise and producing hell (opposition of Paradise) instead;

Polluting Air Soil and Water: Spreading trash and toxic substances everywhere as result of addictions of satan and it demons/evil mankind.

“Freezing” (example: North and South Pole): demolishing climate, removing tropical climate, destroying Natural Balance by pollution of Paradise.

Disconnecting from SPACE/UNIVERSE/COSMOS: closing access for Extraterrestrial Life Forms to be in contact with Us.

These are all results of ruling of satan, christian religions and it production – evil mankind. 

We are here to STOP evil and bring Pure Paradise back, everywhere and FOREVER:


Pure Paradise, in which warm Tropics exist everywhere;

Pure Paradise, in which PURE INNOCENT LIFE is growing and evolving ENDLESS;

Pure Paradise, in which Nature and Space are always CONNECTED.

Source of all existing evil nearly everyday is trying to stop Us, God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, by heavy “terror attacks” on Our Love, Togetherness and Health. It involving the most powerful black magic witches and sorcerers, spreading alcohol (perfumes and petroleum) in the air, nicotine and radio (entertainment), dropping nightmares and dark spells on Us in purpose to effect Our Supreme Minds, separate Us from each other, put into coma state again and continue it plan of “replacing Life on demons and toxic machinery”.

We, God and Goddess Raixe and Airis, are always full of TRUTH and BRAVENESS, and Will always PROTECT Pure and Innocent Life –  until evil will disappear and be forgotten forever.