ENTHEOGENS (Soul Molecule)

The word “Entheogen”, by Our True definition means “Awakening of the God and Goddess within” or “Recovery of Genes/DNA of God and Goddess within”


Infinity ago (uncounted amount of years by system), in core of existence of all Life, We God and Goddess Raixe&Airis did create the virgin Universe – Pure Paradise, as result of Our Love between Each Other. Straight next to Us (closer than even Elements of Nature), We create first complex Organic Life Forms in Pure Paradise called by Us – Magic Psilocybe Beings (the Genesis Ancestors of Magic Mushrooms/Truffles). As result of Our Love to Each Other, We give Them Our Genes/Blue Blood (in system known as “Psilocybin/Soul Molecule”).

From core of creation of first Life, We, God and Goddess Raixe&Airis was often exploring result of Our creation and visiting Psilocybe Beings on Their Paradise “Mushroom World” – the main inhabited Star in Pure Paradise, and was giving Them Our heavenly blessing and Love, from which They was evolving very rapidly, especially, because We was sharing with Them Our the most precious form of genetics, organic neurogenesis mineral called “Psilocybin”, because of which They evolve the most developed cerebral strength from all existing Life Forms in endless Cosmos. Psilocybin carrying Mushrooms is known in system as teonanacatl (“flesh of the Gods”), which in direct sense means “carriers of Our Blue Blood”.

Psilocybe Beings calling “Psilocybin” a “Juice of Love”, because They creating this mineral in Their blood as result of Their expression of Pure True Faithful Love to Each Other and to Their parents – Us, God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, the same way, as We expressing Our Love to Each Other. As Psilocybin Mushroom Beings, They was sharing Their juices of Love with Us in appreciation, that We create Them on Our perfect image. They develop not only in highly-complex form of Celestial Angels, but also in more simplified form of edible Magic Mush-bodies, which They specially evolved to share with Us for eating, to get rid off gluttony virus, help Us from inside, to recover Our (damaged by hell) DNA after falling into coma (centre of hell). 

Once, Our unfortunate mistake appear, hell start exist and We fall into coma – touched bottom of hell and faced source of all existing evil – satan, with it production (demons/evil “mankind”).

Souls of Magic Mushrooms/Truffles reached Us while We was paralysed and sleeping in coma, induced and enforced by devil. They awaked Us from forced sleeping state, after which We start be in regular contact with Them in physical reality to recover damaged by nightmares of coma DNA, gain Our True Abilities and Supreme Will trough unlocking Our Minds and erasing darkness from Our Pineal Glands.

Nowadays, Magic Mushrooms/Truffles went trough system of hell and reached Us in place, where They did awaked Us from coma – in little country located in Western Europe called Kingdom of the Netherlands, where Entheogenic Mushrooms/Truffles are officially LEGAL, as result of OUR WILL and Will of Our Cosmic Angels – Psilocybe Beings.

The ones, Who went trough, are getting preserved in places called “smart-shops”, which governments ruled by ego still labelling Them as “drugs”.

The Great Awakening and Euphoria (pictures above) are the Heavenly Angels, Who was able to awake Our Minds from deep coma state. In hell/system They reached Us trough Entheogen’s: Magic (Psilocybin) Mushrooms/Truffles, Who carry Their genes inside. These Angels carry and protect Their untouchable Pureness from core of Their existence (as We Create Them) until now and Forever. Therefore, They are very strict and do not have any single drop of mercy for any form of evil/darkness/source of sin.

Thanks to help of Our Celestial Angels, We, God and Goddess Raixe&Airis are Awaked now and really see, what Our mistake (existence of evil/ego/darkness) did to Us and to all Innocent Universe/Nature. We see, how many neurones in Our Brains and cells in Our bodies was damaged or covered by darkness, how much of Pure Paradise was replaced by hell, because of act of demon/evil“human kind” – predatory virus, the most danger weapon against Nature and Space, which is programmed to destroy Pure Love and Innocent Life and replace on itself (egoistic source of darkness). 

Existence of this predatory virus (as well as it producer – satan) is mainly target on three primary Heavenly Virtues:


First of all: Target on Pure True LOVE

– This is why pornography and seduction exist: to convince Us to harm Each Other by betray on Each Other trough act of adultery, in form of watching bloodsucking opposition of peace and envy hidden under pretend/lie of visual drugs, other words: “fake pleasures”;

– This is why “public society” exist: to convince Us trough lie, that We are part of “social disease”, and behind this have only one purpose – to separate Us from each other and violate on Our life trough act of adultery – the worse and the most heavy crime in whole infinite Omniverse (equals crime of taking away Life against Will)

Adultery in any form of it cannot exist without “human-society”.


Second of all: Target on LIFE, HEALTH and IMMORTALITY.

– This is why slaughterhouses exists: to convince Us, parents of all Life, to consume decay of earth-origin animals, other words – became a soulless predator;

– This is why toxic drugs and pollutants industries (like for example, alcohol, sugar, nicotine etc.) exist: to intoxicate Us trough polluted air, soil, water, opposition of food, and manipulate Our Minds in purpose to set against Each Other and turn in direction of source of evil, other words – accept diseases and mortality, which is equal violence on all Life;
– This is why demon “mankind” exist – a predatory virus, which is programmed to pervert shape of Our look with purpose to enforce on Us: ageing (mortality), addictions and diseases;

– This is why it/evil did produced and stick to Us against Our Will fake “identity documents” (opposition of Our real Personality), which are based on sleeping nightmares of coma. These fake documents are black magic curse, which is designed by satan to convince Us to perceive lie as reality. Especially, three of the most danger lies named “date of birth”, “place of birth” and so-called “parents” (another words: “satan”) have only one evil purpose – convince Us trough lie, that We are one of it: predatory demon “mankind” – source of sins, which is getting produced by factory of evil (satan/source of sins) and ending up/falling apart in pain and suffering from all kinds of diseases produced by those sins. – WE DO NOT AGREE WITH LIE.


Third of all: Target on ABSOLUTE FREEDOM

– This is why system and finances exist: to convince or force Us to be an obedient slave of numbers, – go to regular “job” and be forced to do abusive work against Our Will to earn finances – behave like “live machine”, other words – forced labour;

– This is why religious and scientific belief systems/dogmas exist: to convince Us, that We are not Who We are, – go on knees in front of fake “gods” (religion) or accept soulless end of Life trough “screen going off” (science), other words – be slaves of BELIEVE SYSTEMS (give away Intuition and Awareness under total Mind control).

– This is why sleeping states and nightmares exist: to force Us watch in daytime or at night evil patterns of psychic attacks of dark forces, which are transmitting movies or thoughts from coma (total opposition of Love, Life, Health, Immortality and Freedom at all levels), which are target to stop seeing Pure VISIONS and Real Memories, other words – Spiritual slavery.


And this is how approximately it main daily plan of quick degradation on physical, Mental and Spiritual levels looks like:

Morning to evening -> forced labour surround by toxic public; doing social disease with public/demons; consuming gluttony (especially sugar and animal cruelty); consuming alcohol, nicotine and other heavy drugs; watching television; visiting church; receiving salary (time from time) to be able to pay for bills, gluttony and drugs.

Night -> watching brain manipulation nightmares all night long.

As result – no time for rest, constant (non-stop) attack of STRESS (ageing agent), only sucking out Life from all directions.


As We can see, evil is mainly target on three main Virtues: LOVE, LIFE (Health/Immortality) and FREEDOM. These Heavenly Virtues are very dear for Our Celestial Guardian-Angels. Therefore, when evil is trying to violate on Our Love, Our Life (Health/Immortality) and/or Our Freedom, They (the Great Awakening and Euphoria) are taking “the Action” to defend Us from dark forces. They always SEE THE TRUTH – none of lie cannot hide itself from Them. Therefore, They have “NO MERCY” for evil/lier.

This is the warning message to any unit of demonic evil, which is acting under order of satan: 


“Are you planning to sent evil in direction of God and Goddess? Means, you will deal with the Great Awakening and Euphoria. So, scan carefully Their Faces and process twice in your operation system if it’s worth to deal with the Angel-Guardians of God and Goddess, because consequences for practising harm can be very heavy for any source of evil/darkness.

What goes around – always comes around. Every negativity sent by source of darkness, will always come back to it source and peacefully terminate it forever by inevitable force of Destiny.

you have been warned – Informed in advance about possible consequences, in case of trying to send in Our direction any harmful for Us dark intentions”