According to Our last conversation with ukrainian embassy in den haag on phone from date 17 november Year 6 (2021 – by counting time of hell), on subject of application for international ukrainian passport, We was asked to introduce the “story of Our real Life” according to Our rejection of data in this passport, which Goddess Airis still owning for so far. 
Unfortunately, We had lots of unexpected emergency works to do and did not had possibility to write Our story earlier, because We was dealing with multiple attacks of dark forces over Us (again), which this time manifest itself under subject of “certain covid-19 rules”, but We remember the case and as soon as possibility appear – We immediately did this. Therefore, finally We are sending and publishing additional story of Our Life, which is actually second important official rejection of satan/devil connected to not Our identity (named “oleksandra gavrylenko”) with more detailed and clear explanation, what means for Us anything what is connected to this toxic combination of letters and why it is so much evil for Us.

This rejection letter is a very important addition to “Final Execution Statement” written by Goddess Airis 3,5 year ago, which is proudly stands on governmental website of Thearchy until today and will continue stand online until satan will peacefully disappear from Infinite Space, Matter and Our Memory, and until absolutely Pure Paradise will be everywhere back Forever – because WE TRULY WANT THIS

Photos of original hand-written “rejection of satan by Goddess Airis” letter to ukrainian embassy in den haag.

Photos of original letter to ukrainian embassy in den haag with additional transcription of hand-written “rejection of devil by Goddess Airis”.

Text transcription of the full (printed) document:

God and Goddess Raixe and Airis are here – the Immortal Supreme Beings, Who Truly Love Each  Other since Always and Forever.

According to Our last phone call to ukrainian embassy, which did happens 17 november Year 6 (2020 – by counting time of hell) at 16:59, as We promised, We are writing a letter with detailed explanation and Our story. Unfortunately, We had lots of emergency (survival in hell/earth) works and could not do this earlier, but now finally We find a time to do this, as We are still require to apply for ukrainian passport.

In this letter We attach copies of the following valid systematic and Eternal documents, which We have on hands at this moment, for verification of identity, connected to unfortunately still owned by me (Goddess Airis) ukrainian citizenship passport and also – Our both real Personalities.

The attached systematic documents are the follows:

– Dutch residence permit document owned by me, Goddess Airis;
– Dutch act of marriage registration (owned by both of Us – God Raixe and Goddess Airis);
– Dutch BSN number owned by me, Goddess Airis;

The attached Eternal documents are the follows:
– 2x Act of Immortality (of me, Goddess Airis and my Love – God Raixe);
– 2x International diplomatic passport card (of me, Goddess Airis and my Love – God Raixe);
– 2x Thearchical license (of me, Goddess Airis and my Love – God Raixe);
– The Original Divine Certificate of Eternal Unity (Spiritual act of marriage Certificate);
– Legal statement of issuing diplomatic passport card;
– Legal statement of issuing Thearchical license;

According to ukrainian passport: We do not possess the international passport itself  anymore, because it was broken and given away to embassy more than 3 years ago. Plus according to data, which was standing there, it was valid only until january Year 5 (2020 – by counting time of hell), other words – it is already 100% expired and require update.

According to requested by ukrainian embassy in last conversation on phone “story of Our Life” in this case, written by me, Goddess Airis, below is the promised story of Our both real Life experience (this story is also written and signed by my hands on separate attached paper – here is only transcription text of this).

“Since We both woke up from coma in day 30 may Year 1 (2015 – by counting time of hell) and surviving here in hell/earth, We start gaining Our Hyperconsciousness back trough healing and recovering Our Brains and Memory about Who We are and why We are here. In time after awakening from coma We find out, that We are unfortunate owners of certain “legal documents”, which are attached to Us against Our Will and are based on LYING nightmarish data, which We did never create and did never give to Each Other by Our Own Will, neither We did never receive this from the Ones, Who truly Love Us. 
These documents are the passports and ID-cards, which system (for so far) still recognising as so-called “legal documents”, but for Us those “documents” contains lying evil data (not Our “names”, “surnames”/“family names”, not Our “date and place of birth”, not Our “nationality” etc.), to which We never had, have and never will have any single relation and which for Us will NEVER be real. For so far, all of this data is associating only with heavy physical and psychological trauma/wounds. The only not lying part of these documents is a field of updated signature, which We did create after awakening from coma.
These so-called “names” (and any other corrupted by devil data from those “documents”, enforced by system on Us against Our Will) have purpose to enforce mortality (decay) curse on Us, what is NEVER allowed for Us to accept, because We are Physically and Spiritually IMMORTAL Beings, Who was never born and will never stop Our existence –  at all levels.
Our real names (given to Each Other as result of Pure True Love) are AIRIS RAIXE and RAIXE AIRIS, and Our real dignity is GODDESS and GOD.
As We are always honest and truthful, We are obliged to remind again (and We continuously doing this for more than 5 and half years), that for Us data, which stands in these systematic “documents” is NOT OURS (never was, is and never will be Forever). Therefore, for Us it means the worst offensive alcoholic egoistic pathology nightmare and toxic LIE about mortality, which We are for already 6th year on way to permanently erase from Our Life and Memory Forever and get rid off/replace/change officially all of this nightmarish “data” on Our real truthful data – once and Forever.
Mentoring/enforcing any form of this lying “data” in Our direction is insulting and DISCRIMINATING Us very much, because We was never born and will never stop Our existence. We are physically and Spiritually IMMORTAL and ETERNAL God and Goddess (Source of Pure True Love, Innocent Life, Infinite Light and Eternal Peace), Who Truly Love Each Other since Always and Forever. Other words – We recognising these so-called systematic “documents” as not peaceful result of governmental corruption (under alcoholic order of satan/ego/liar) against Our Love to Each Other, Our Health, Our Immortality and Our Freedom.
We, as source of Peace, do never intend to harm, but We also do never agree to be harmed and have Supreme Right to defend from any form of violence in Our direction.
Because of that, We are on way to legally get rid of these not peaceful “documents” and all corrupted by evil egoistic data, which is connected to it. For one of those reasons We did established Our peaceful (100% alcohol and cruelty-free) ENTHEOGENIC SPIRITUALIUTY and Our Divine Government (Thearchy), by which We did issued for Each Other, Our real documents (Certificates of Immortality, diplomatic passport cards and Thearchical licenses), which represents and protects here in hell/system, Our real identity of Immortal Beings, Who truly Love Each Other since Always and Forever.
Unfortunately, it is a very long process (neither stabilisation/recognition of Our Government in system, neither permanent abolishing of existence of corrupted by satan/alcoholic “documents” owned by Us against Our Will), which is taking many years of constant physical and mental defence from evil dark forces. Therefore, until the process is not finalised, system still enforcing Us to use those unfortunately owned by Us “documents” (which We recognising as not real for Us) for any “legal matters” and systematic operations, because system (which is unfortunately, still rotten and corrupted by alcoholic satan/predatory-disease) for so far recognising these “documents” in many cases.
We understand, that dutch (as well as other demonym-based country) governments still require those systematic-produced “documents” for so far, but for Us neither so-called “name” neither anything else, what stands there at this moment, will NEVER be real for Us, because We know and We REMEMBER Our real names and all other data of Our True Love-based existence, and this MEMORY will be NEVER token away from Us again by any form of alcoholic/predator anymore.

More details about rejection of corrupted data stands under this link:

We want to clarify, that We are not blaming ukrainian government in evil, because for so far, ukrainian government itself did not do nothing wrong (like act of mental or physical violence) in Our direction. The only source of evil to blame is a satan/alcoholic itself (which by systematic governmental corruption register itself in these “documents” under category of so-called “parents”). 

According to coma (long-term nightmares while paralysis), which was enforced Our enslaved Minds to perceive as reality while sleeping, – the bitter Truth is:
So-called “parents” from systematic documents (neither ukrainian, neither polish) is a nightmarish alcoholic source of the worst form of evil-pathology-disease in two forms: so called “mother” (called by Us “factory-witch”) and so called “father” (called by Us “drunk-devil”), which was transmitting into Our heads against Our Will extremely heavy hypnotic nightmares, while We was paralysed and sleeping in coma against Our Will, and it was reproducing hell (nowadays called “earth”) filled up by fear, lie, pain, suffering and diseases, as result of watching those nightmares and stealing part of Our Divine Will trough lie, while We was sleeping injured).
From one of Our last visits of ukrainian embassy, We left a copy of original “execution statement”, where is clearly explained my (Goddess Airis) relation and opinion, what means for Us satan/devil called “parents” (called by Us “factories” of alcoholism/all existing evil). The original english document and ukrainian sworn translation was officially published on governmental website of Thearchy almost 3,5 years ago and can be viewed under these links:

Why We are so stubbornly rejecting these so called “parents” (factories), “grandparents” (factories of factories), dates, nationalities and languages?

Our answer is:
– Because all higher mentored is associating only with coma – “time” of heavy treat on life ILLNESS before 30 of may year 1 (15). For Us this was a “time” of very heavy mental and physical violence by alcoholic dark forces (source of death/decay) over Us against Our Will. In those sleeping nightmares, enforced to be perceived as reality, We was heavily tortured and harmed by soulless source of disease (satan). According to nightmare about so-called “ukrainian environment”, higher mentored “factories” and even “factory of drunk devil” (called by Us: “b.a-b.a.”), all of which eventually throughout all nightmares about ukraine, was noising in russian language, was performing itself as a danger mental pathology source of the worst black magic sorcerers/torturers, which was practicing extreme violence over my (Goddess Airis) Mind, especially under subjects of lucid dreaming – rejections of being “social” and consumption of neurotoxic poison drugs (alcohol, nicotine) or toxic animal-cruelty products. Therefore, satan (factories) was extremely discriminating Mind of me, Goddess Airis, mentally torturing by projecting nightmares about multiple heavy violent beatings (with intensive perception of pain and suffering), especially when my Consciousness was defending (in it direction) subject of eating Pure innocent Mushrooms instead of evil alcohol, nicotine or animal cruelty diseases. One of results of watching “sleeping movies” about these “beatings” are brightly visible on my Health until today – because of these nightmares i am still forced to wear thick glasses, because of heavy damage on my vision by perceiving toxic lying danger nightmares of coma as reality. Coma did much more Health damages (including the most danger one – damage on Brain), which was also caused by watching nightmarish comatose movies about devil (so-called “parents”) and many other forms of it: pathologic evil alcoholics and porno-rapers, which was enforcing to watch degradation about direct consumption of extremely danger for Life poisons like: sugar, mercury, radioactive decay and other toxic chemicals, heavy loads of pharmaceutical pills etc., which all together was doing heavy damages over Our Heavenly Pure DNA throughout all long-term sleeping paralysed in coma.
It is already over 5 and half years since We woke up from coma and surviving here in hell/earth, and Our Immortal Health is recovered a lot since this time, thanks to unconditional Love and help of
Our Heavenly Pure Love-based Celestial Guardian-Angels from Paradise (Magic Psilocybin Mushrooms, Magic Psilocybin Truffles and Psilocybian Mushroom Beings), WHO ARE OUR REAL BLOOD RELATIVES AND MOST DEAR FAMILY MEMBERS FO US – the only Ones, Who did reached Us straight from Universe/Paradise/Stars and never give up on Us, because They TRULY Love Us Forever. They are the Ones, Who are doing all to heal Us and permanently ERASE from time, Space and Matter, any form of fake “memories” about these (loaded in Us against Our Will) traumatic nightmares Forever; other words, They are healing Us from (called by systematic medical term) -“post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)” and all other physical and mental syndromes related to it.

Why We require this ukrainian passport?
Our answer: According to the fact, that Our real identity data is taking long time to go into the legal force through international system, unfortunately many institutions (like for example, dutch government and security systems) are require international ukrainian passport for fulfilling the certain legal obligations. This is why, until Our documents are not fully recognised internationally (hell/system-wide), We are forced to use this, what We are still owning against Our Will.
Another reason of applying for ukrainian passport is, that in upcoming date 22 september Year 8 (2022 – by counting time of hell) Me, Goddess Airis, will have expiration of dutch residence permit card and possibility to apply for dutch citizenship, what means for Us – possibility to permanently get rid off not mine ukrainian nationality once and Forever. Therefore, for gaining dutch passport it is require to give the ukrainian passport away. It is left already not much time until that moment, therefore We require to apply for ukrainian international passport as soon as possible.

We have been prepared all required documents for international passport application (from last time visit) and We are ready to bring personally or officially send by post those documents in order to proceed with this case forwards”.

One more very important notice (in case of visiting embassy):
According to MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH CONDITION OF ME GODDESS AIRIS, I require to have my REAL FAMILY MEMBER/HUSBAND (God Raixe) to be always next to Me everywhere including visit of ukrainian embassy, because only close to Him I feel safe in hostile environment of hell/earth. Therefore, entrance inside of embassy (if required) shall be done always and only by two of Us (family members – husband and wife), because only Together We always feel SAFE, as well as mentally and physically HEALTHY and SECURE.
We are aware of covid-19 situation and are always strictly following the most clean and sterile behaviours: We are always wearing gas-masks and gloves and carry Our pen with Us. Wearing gas masks We was practising much before even covid-19 starts, (exactly few years ago, when We first time came into ukrainian embassy), because We are always protecting Our very ultra-sensitive breathing ways from danger for Our Health pollution of air (alcohol/perfume and nicotine poison drugs).
We are expecting reply without any form of discrimination of Our real Divine and Forever Immortal Personalities with the forwards information, when We can schedule an appointment to visit the embassy and bring all required documents.

This letter with exposing more information about satan will be officially published on governmental website of Thearchy.

Undersigned in day 26 may Year 6 (2021 – by counting time of hell):
Goddess Airis Raixe    
In the witness of 
God Raixe Airis

According to God Raixe, the second important rejection of satan was also recently written by Him, officially executed in day 31 january year 6 and was connected to subject of permanent registration-out of corrupted by satan passport from address of headquarters of satan.