Second electronic project of the Most Important letter from Goddess AIRIS RAIXE to source of evil, black magic – satan.

According to Goals, Purpose and Mission of the God and Goddess Raixe and Airis, Supreme Thearchy is busy the second the most important project of Absolute Rejection of satan by the Highest Authorities – Gods Airis and Raixe.

Second letter will be done by the Goddess Airis as act of rejection of curse – fake “identity documents”.

Thearchy of the Gods RAIXE&AIRIS OFFICIALLY PUBLISHING electronic version (PDF document) of SECOND upcoming letter to satan, which will be written by hand of the Goddess Airis Raixe.

This letter is manifesting WILL of the Supreme Authorities -Gods about END of ruling of evil (satanism/devil/lucifer/whore of babylon) in hell called “earth/system”.