Opened auctions – available collection of special Stones form Universe.

We God and Goddess Raixe and Airis decide to open multiple auctions and share very special Stones – one of a kind each, Who came to Us from very very far – from outer Space/Universe. 
These Stones get born from millions of peaces of real Stars and Asteroids. They reached Us, was with Us in Our Thearchic temple and did experienced Our Pure True Love to each other. Now We decide, that some of these Stones are going forwards in Their journey. 
Dutch auction house Catawiki did agree to help Us with opening auctions of these magnificent pieces of Universe. 
Authenticity of Stones are approved.

All finances from sale of these Stones will go on donation for “Stichting the Gods Raixe&Airis Foundation” and government “Thearchy” in order to protect Our Pure True Love and all Innocent Life of all vast Infinite Universe.

Link on first auction.

The following auctions can be tracked under seller profile link.