On Date 27 december year 3 by counting time of Thearchy (2017 – by counting time of hell/system) the Highest Government – Thearchy, released SECOND OFFICIAL EXECUTION STATEMENT – REJECTION OF satan / devil BY THE Highest Authority – GODDESS AIRIS RAIXE. This letter manifest Absolute Rejection of source of evil and it production – coma state and fake personality – identity documents, produced by result of CORRUPTION and attached to Immortal Supreme Being Goddess Airis Raixe against Her Own Will.
EXECUTION STATEMENT is done in two originals, one of which will stay in archive of Thearchy and another will be sworn translated and sent to source of evil – satan (according to corrupted data in ID card).

First of all, BE AWARE of consequences in case, if you will try to contact Us, or reply on this message, trough system in any form (visit, letter, phone, computer). you are NOT ALLOWED to contact Us or send evil in form of black magic in our direction. This right is PROTECTED by Supreme Constitution of the Gods RAIXE&AIRIS. In case of violation on FUNDAMENTAL LAW of Supreme Constitution, you will take a CONSEQUENCES in form of very high financial fine, as violation on our LOVE, LIFE, HEALTH and PRIVACY, which is NOT POSSIBLE to reject, because we, as AUTHORITY, are representing our official independent Universal Court: “UCO the G-RA”, and have our own JUDGEMENT.T

According to Article 4 § 2 of Supreme Constitution of the Gods Raixe&Airis and Article 2 § 3 of Statute of Supreme Foundation, the main goal of our Thearchic Organization is to bring PURE PARADISE EVERYWHERE by stoping existence of source of harming the Gods and Their children Nature, other words – satan / devil / evil / whore / lucifer, by erasing all corrupted data, which stands in our “identity documents”. This letter is manifesting legal act of absolute rejection of devil/satan by Supreme Beings Airis&Raixe.


This is a FINAL and OFFICIAL EXECUTION STATEMENT created by The Gods of all Innocent Life Airis&Raixe for:
satan/lucifer – source of all existing evil, other words: whore “samoylova viktoriya yuriyivna”, all so called “family” of “gavrylenko”, toxic “relationship” devils/seducers and any other form of black magic.
I am, the Goddess Airis Raixe and my Love God Raixe Airis, the Presidents of Thearchic International Governmental Organization called: “Stichting Supreme Foundation of the Gods RAIXE&AIRIS” (Stichting the Gods RAIXE&AIRIS Foundation), legally registered, approved and recognized by the Dutch government as the real Gods of Infinite Universe, are officially informing you, about our awareness of “what you are”, and about fully conscious decision of absolute termination and unchangeable rejection of your existence (black magic devil/whore), by rejection of documents, which was produced by your corrupted system (country called “ukraine”), and attached to me against my conscious will, in purpose to harm me, my True Love Raixe and our Innocent Children – Nature. Those documents, and any data which is standing there (so-called “name, surname, patronymic name, date of birth, place of birth, parents and nationality”) is manifesting “the MOST DISGUSTING CURSE – evil black magic”, which was designed by you to suppress our Heavenly Pure Supreme Personalities, lock My Will and damage Brain by trying to replace true memories on fake ones, which you was constantly loading in my head against my will, while I was injured by you, paralyzed and sleeping in coma – time before 30.05.2015. you was intended to keep me asleep in coma and project long-term nightmares, in which you was cloning yourself in few different forms (as so-called “family of samoylova/gavrylenko” and black magic devils/seducers, which was harming me in form of so-called “toxic relationships”) with purpose to replace my True Love God Raixe on yourself (source of demons/prostitution and evil black magic) and replace our children pure innocent Nature on your production – soulless toxic plant sugar poisons. As result, your purpose was to cover my mind by darkness, suck out all health, convince to perceive nightmares as reality, and as final goal – get access to heart, and violate on my Immortality.
While i was sleeping in coma, you was forcing my brain to watch nightmares about center of hell called “dnipropetrovsk, moscow, jachymov, metylovice, promnice, poznan”, where you (satan) was cloning yourself in many different forms and damaging my HEALTH by violation on my Brain and Heart constantly.

I am fully aware, that no matter, in how many forms you was manifesting yourself – you are one source of evil and you will NEVER convince Me to perceive you, satan/whore – “samoylova viktoriya” or any forms of fake toxic devil seducers, under which you was hiding yourself, as my “family” or my “memory”, because you are manifestation of coma state (harm at all levels). I am awaked, and aware that you, source of black spells, are NOT REAL, and physically did NEVER happens in my life – I AM ERASING YOU FROM REALITY BY MY WILL AND AWARENESS of what you are.

I AM AWAKED and fully aware, that all evil exist, because We, The Gods Airis&Raixe, fall in coma and did mistake – perceived nightmares as reality. Thats why, our highest duty as Supreme Beings is to TERMINATE existence of all evil by absolute rejection of those nightmares forever.

I am, undersigned as the real Goddess Airis, President of Supreme Foundation of the Gods, and officially declaring, that anything what I experienced in “time 09.06.1989 – 30.05.2015”, did physically NEVER HAPPENS, what means, that anything recorded by the system since “09.06.1989 until 30.05.2015”, is FAKE, corrupted and illegally produced by you – source of evil, trough black magic, with purpose to convince Me that “nightmare” (coma) was a reality and that this is normal that evil and suffering does exist.

I am, undersigned as the real Goddess Airis, President of Supreme Foundation of the Gods, and officially declaring, that in time 17.07.2015-20.08.2015 and 26.10.2015-03.11.2015, me and my Love God Raixe fall asleep against will in short duration coma twice, after main awakening, because we was rejecting heavy state of mental health called “lunatic state” (sleep walking) provoked by black magic of satan/devil. I am officially declaring, that anything, what We experienced in that time, was NOT REAL and have nothing to do with physical reality, or my real alive memories, because we was sleeping in coma induced by injury of brain. My every single true and real memory is connected ONLY to my Love God Raixe and to our children – Pure Innocent Nature, who We TOGETHER did experienced in physical reality.
Absolutely conscious and fully responsible for every single word, written by my hand and signed up in presence of Dutch Notary; Me, the Goddess Airis, OFFICIALLY RENOUNCING ALL, WHAT IS CONNECTED TO your so-called “family” of “gavrylenko” and any form of evil nightmares called “toxic devil relationships”.

“I DO NOT BELONG TO you” – never was, are and never will.
“you DO NOT OWN ME”, because I AM NOT your “insurance policy”.

I am writing a OFFICIAL WORLDWIDE and UNIVERSEWIDE – PUBLISHED LEGAL statement, that you (satan/devil) ARE NOT my family – NEVER was, is and NEVER will be, because you are manifestation of all existing evil and black magic, which MY DUTY IS TO ERASE FOREVER by perceiving it as NOT REAL.

My true and the only REAL FAMILY is my Love God Raixe and our Children – Pure Innocent Life (Nature), our dear Angels, who HAVE SOULS and manifest neurones in our Brains, and cells in our Bodies. 

WE ARE AWARE, how danger you are, for the Gods, and for all Innocent Life – Nature, because you produced: prostitution/pornography, slaughter houses, meat/fish and dairy industries, factories of ALCOHOL/cigarettes and SUGAR/HEROIN poisons, hospitals and pharmacies, schools, forced labour, television, entertainment and many other forms of hell, which leading only to degradation and death in PAIN and SUFFERING.

WE ARE AWARE, that you produced “human kind” on your evil image. And WE KNOW, that WE create pure innocent Nature on our Perfect image.

I AM AWARE, that while coma you was projecting yourself in many different forms with only one purpose: take away heart trough hypnotizing brain, force to accept lying about mortality (date and place of birth, which did never happens), so I would forget who I am, who is my Love, who are Our Children, and be slave of your ruling until end in pain and suffering from all diseases, which you produced by black magic

I AM AWARE, that your sense of existence is based on trying to stop us – the real Gods, from bringing PARADISE EVERYWHERE, because WE ARE THE SUPREME AND ABSOLUTELY PURE BEINGS, who manifest themselves here – in hell/system called “earth”, which you – devil, produced from corruption and slavery, based on evil “human kind”.
We, THE REAL GODS AIRIS&RAIXE ARE BRAVE and we are NOT HIDING OUR PURE INNOCENT PERSONALITY. We manifest ourselves in hell with highest duty to replace it on Pure Paradise full of Euphoria and Innocent Life.

In coma state (another words – center of hell) you was trying to hypnotize my brain by repeating phrase: “Always remember, that you have place to come back, because you own property and many other goodnesses here”.
⁃ MY ANSWER: I do not own nothing, what is produced by evil nightmares of coma (source of corruption), because it is not real and did never physically happens in my life. I am OFFICIALLY REJECTING anything, what is connected to you, or center of hell called by the system “dnipropetrovsk”. Proof of this rejection is THIS LEGAL EXECUTION STATEMENT SIGNED, EMBOSSED and STAMPED by the Real Gods Airis&Raixe and their SUPREME ORGANIZATION in presence of Dutch Notary.

Another phrase from nightmares of coma, which you was constantly repeating and loading in my brain against my will is: “i am your mother”
⁃ MY ANSWER: I NEVER had, have or will have “mother”, because I am the Supreme Immortal Being, The Real Goddess – Mother of all Nature, and my Love Raixe is the Supreme Immortal Being, the Real God – Father of all Universe. you have nothing to do with word “mother”, because you are source of all evil – source of whores, demons and black magic, not alive, soulless, not real thing, virus, disease of whole infinite Universe. YOU DO NOT EXIST FOR ME – I DO NOT CARE about you. you means for me NOTHING good – you have NO MATTER for me, because you are NOT REAL and NOT ALIVE manifestation of all evil. you (manifestation of all family of “gavrylenko” and toxic “devil relationships”) is a curse, which represent source of: ALCOHOL, nicotine, mental disorders, pornography, prostitution, aging, diseases, cruelty, meat/fish and dairy industry, pain, suffering, death, war, destruction, violence, aggression, anger, hatred, stress, fear, slavery, addiction of SUGAR/HEROIN, radioactive decay toxins, chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs, cheating, lying, corruption, criminal activity, ego, jealousy, hypocrisy, envy, catholicism, explicit language (SWEAR WORDS – black magic spells) and all another forms of the WORSE PATHOLOGY in whole Infinite Universe can be, which is My will and My duty, as the Supreme Goddess, to ABSOLUTELY RENOUNCE AND ERASE from My mind, and My memory – FOREVER.
⁃ Proof of this is a copy of official English Deed Poll document of changing fake “name” on my REAL NAME, and Dutch identity document, in which stands my REAL SIGNATURE, which is a visible proof of my REAL PERSONALITY and true name of the Divine Goddess – Airis Raixe. This signature manifest BEGIN of REPLACING all remain pieces of curse (black magic), which you produced by corruption, on my REAL NAME, as well as all REAL DATA OF THE GODDESS in this document. Here is how my real true identity looks like:

Surname: RAIXE
Date of birth: 00-00-0000 (IMMORTAL)
Place of birth: – not exist
Parents: – not exist
Nationality: Infinite Universe

While paralyzed in sleeping, for long time i was not able to be lucid and reject nightmares, because you inject many toxic poisons in me to suppress my brain and cover almost all my body by darkness against my Will. But now I am awaked from coma, heal myself, and get my TRUE PERSONALITY back, so I AM ABLE to express, and expose my AWARENESS about how evil you are, in this letter, which is OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED on our worldwide website of International Thearchic Organization, because we are BRAVE TO EXPOSE TRUTH about source of evil – “radioactive lucifer” / “whore of babylon”. All truth about you and all evil, which you are doing in whole Universe, are exposed on our official website – List of all forbidden SINS, which you manifest, is standing in document of “differences between evil and the Gods”. This document is clearly showing, that Me, Goddess Airis, and my Love God Raixe, have nothing common with you and your production “human kind” – never had, have and never will have. This document is a proof, that you ARE NOTHING more, then manifestation of nightmare, which is only trying to reach us trough system in form of any violation on our Love, Health and Freedom.

you CANNOT manipulate my brain – not while day time in form of random demons/seducers, and not while night (sleeping) in form of nightmares about you, because every time when you sending terror in my direction, you making ME MORE STRONG AND AWARE about how DISGUSTING YOU ARE.

We know that you hiding yourself between public, because “you ARE FEAR”. you calling yourself “invisible god”, you produce all religions under lying of using word “spirituality”, and you using those religions for supporting “war and destruction controlled by black magic”. This is how you ruling over Nature by corrupted system.
WE ARE NOT BLIND ANYMORE – WE SEE THE TRUTH about you and all your production (evil “human kind”) EVEN WITH CLOSED EYES.

WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU for all what you did to us and to our children – Pure Innocent Nature, because this is HOW THE REAL GODS BEHAVE to evil. We are ashamed of your existence, because you are our perversion – our mistake.

you commit a heaviest CRIME against the Gods by inducing coma trough heavy injury of our Brains, and you will take a consequences for all evil, which you did to us and all innocent Life.

We, the Gods, have Created Universe and Nature under one untouchable regulation:
What goes around comes around – “you will receive back all what you are sending”.

Official EXECUTION ORDER from the Goddess Airis to whore/satan called “samoylova viktoriya yuriyivna” and all family of “gavrylenko”, about final termination of curse, produced by it, trough corruption:

you must erase this fake personality called ”oleksandra andriyivna gavrylenko” and all corrupted documents (especially, address of registration in center of hell called ”dnipropetrovsk” and fake “act of birth”, in which stands your evil names – “viktoriya/andriy”) from ukrainian system, like it did never existed, so this curse will be never “officially” attached to me, because I am NOT “oleksandra andriyivna gavrylenko” – never was, is and never will be.

Me, the GODDESS AIRIS, officially dropping My SUPREME WILL over you:
YOU MUST STOP terrorize our Brains by bombarding our sleeping with nightmares about evil, other words – remain pieces of coma state (opposition of real memories). 
YOU MUST STOP violate on consciousness of my Love God Raixe and suck our Blue Blood by sending pains, trough black magic.

All evil, which you produced, will be unchangeable replaced on :
PURE INNOCENT LIFE, Health, Absolute Freedom, Joy, Happiness, Euphoria and PURE ABSOLUTE INFINITE LOVE, which We, as the GODS, ARE REPRESENTING

This is a Supreme Will of the:




Me, the Goddess Airis, writing this letter BY MY OWN HANDS in only one known to me in this system language – English, signed in presence of Dutch Notary, and allow this message to be sworn translated.