In day 1 December of Year 4 (2018 – by time of satanism) time between 18:00-19:00 happens heavy treat on Life of the God and Goddess Raixe&Airis in form of attack of dark forces/black magic, from which They was necessary to defend Themselves in way of enforcing exorcism session with expelling of darkness out of Their Mind, Brain and Body, which was going on inside of Temple of Thearchy (Lunenburg 17, Vlissingen), with, as usual, loud way of expelling of evil. Thats why, while dealing with defending from black magic mind control, was happening many loud screams to sent away source of evil.

After the main astral attack of satan was finally rejected, in time between 19:00-20:00, happens another attack of evil, which was trying to violate on Love, Life, Freedom and Privacy of the Gods Raixe&Airis. This attack manifest itself in form of ringing in doors and knocking in windows by dutch police. They saw it presence with closed eyes (without looking behind window) and They knew, why it appear in front of Their doors: It appear, because it received rapport of FAKE ALARM addressed to Their Temple. The source of giving fake alarm was a source of black magic astral attack – demonic witch (soldier of satan) from address Lunenburg 15, extremely toxic thing from jahovah sect (devilish order of jewish christianity against the real, alive and visible Gods Raixe&Airis), which is established by satan to spy on Them and harm Them by any possible way. Thats why, first it did attack on astral level and then used the opportunity to sent fake alarm with dropping police over Them out of NO ADEQUATE REASON.

They knew very well, why police appear in front of doors of Temple straight after such an event: definitely not to help Them, but DISTURB and HARM Their Health trough Mind control and enforcing chemical weapon (hallucinogenic poison called “perfumes”) like it was already many times in past. They felt this in Their Hearts, because while ringing and knocking, Their Hearts was giving signals – felt endangered, and They REMEMBER, how important is to ALWAYS LISTEN TO THEIR HEARTS, BECAUSE HEART IS NEVER LYING.

They did not opened doors for two important reasons:

1 – First of all, because They, the Gods Raixe&Airis, do never committing any crime and DO NEVER HARMING NO ONE AND EVEN NOTHING (EVIL). They, the Gods Raixe&Airis, are the victims Who DEFENDING THEMSELVES FROM ASTRAL TERROR induced  by black magic forces of satanism – source of adultery/alcoholism/nicotine and murdery/slaughtering.
2 – Second of all, because on information plate of Their Temple is clearly stated on two languages (english and dutch), that They are “opening doors only on appointment”.

– So, They kept THEIR LAW unbroken.

They knew, that police would not help Them to reject astral attacks of satan, because every unit of “mankind” is a production of satan itself (reproduced in pain and suffering), that’s why instead of help, it would do situation only and ONLY WORSE. Plus the fact, They remember from past dealings with police, that dutch police officers (mentoring once again) was sprayed by toxic hallucinogenic chemical weapon called PERFUME with purpose to intoxicate Them, make Them drunk and hypnotise/manipulate Their Minds against Their Will in purpose to try to put Them under evil order – DO FROM PURE AND INNOCENT GODS RAIXE&AIRIS OBEDIENT SLAVES AND LEAD THEM AND ALL INNOCENT LIFE TO EXTINCTION.

They said: “Why police officers should appear and emanate perfumes in Our direction? For which purpose?”.

According to official research of Thearchy, perfume, as any other form of alcohol/ethanol is one of the most danger HALLUCINOGENIC NEUROTOXIC POISON DRUG ever invented and produced by source of all existing evil – satan.

“If We would be not ourselves that day (mind-controlled by fear and lie) and would open door to something like this – what kind of help We would receive from it? Sending away by guns, ghost of satan from Our home? Help Us with puking out darkness from Our Body, Mind and Brain? No, it would not do that. It would do to Us ONLY HARM (injection of alcohol and other diseases), because every perfume is mainly alcohol-based (98-99% ethanol) and alcohol is a fuel of satan, which is designed to destroy brain cells and violate on Pure Love, Infinite Health/Immortality and Absolute Freedom. If not mentioning, that presence of demon (unit of “mankind”) itself, is already very harmful for Us, but over all of this – perfume? No, We do not agree for this and standing up for protection of Our HEALTH”.

Even in dutch constitution are stated articles about protection of health, quote:“The Constitution of the Kingdom of the Netherlands 2008

“The Constitution of the Kingdom of the Netherlands 2008
Published by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Constitutional Affairs and Legislation Division in collaboration with the Translation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Boekje Grondwet 2008 SL Engels.indd 1 22-09-2008 11:14:18
Boekje Grondwet 2008 SL Engels.indd 1 22-09-2008 11:14:18

Chapter 1 Fundamental rights
Article 6
2. Rules concerning the exercise of this right other than in buildings and enclosed places may be laid down by Act of Parliament for the protection of health, in the interest of traffic and to combat or prevent disorders.

Article 9
2. Rules to protect health, in the interest of traffic and to combat or prevent disorders may be laid down by Act of Parliament.

Article 21
It shall be the concern of the authorities to keep the country habitable and to protect and improve the environment.

Article 22
1. The authorities shall take steps to promote the health of the population.

Article 81
The form of promulgating laws shall be as follows:
«We» etc. «King of the Netherlands,» etc.
«Greetings to all those who shall see or hear these presents! be it known: «Whereas we have considered that» etc.
(The reasons of the law.)”

– end of quote.

Thats why, if dutch police is violating on Our, the God and Goddess Raixe&Airis HEALTH, that means, that it is violating on constitution of it own country, which is a CRIME and We according to:

CONSTITUTION OF THEARCHY, DEED OF STICHTING THE GODS RAIXE&AIRIS FOUNDATION and recognised by Us points of CONSTITUTION OF THE NETHERLANDS, have full legal right to protect Ourselves from any form of harm on Our Health.

We do not allowed to breathe any form of alcohol or any other harmful for health substances, as well as being exposed by extra stress-factors, no matter if this is happening in daily time, while healing/cleaning sessions or exorcisms with defending from attacks of satanism/black magic. WE AS GOD AND GODDESS RAIXE&AIRIS DO NOT ALLOWED TO HARM US NEVER AND IN ANY FORM. 

When attack of black magic is happening, or expelling of danger evil virus/darkness is going OUT from Our Mind, Brain and Body, it is often resisting to go away trough opposition of peace. If We would breathe in this moment alcohol vapour and exposed by other form of extra stress, it would act as catalyst and fuel for satan and will make darkness only more powerful and may provoke trying to control Our Mind or other treat on Our Health, because it is feeding itself from alcohol, – so this fact would do Our situation only worse, and this in result would lead to harm Us and all Innocent Life.

Plus the fact, that usually, after heavy exorcisms, We feel weak, because lots of vital energy is sucked out by darkness, (because it’s getting pulled Out of Us with tissue) or used out by Us while defending from devil. We know very well, that opening doors to police in such a sensitive state of health, may provoke extra stress and extra amount of evil attacks over Us, while We are already dealing with very unpleasant situation. We learn this already very good, from last situation on Mallorca island, when appear corrupted spanish police and start do frightening by weapons in Our faces out of no sign of committing crime. We remember, that in that day, We did a big mistake, because Our Mind was very much harmed after intoxication in shop by “poisoned tomato”, breathing perfumes in the air and having intoxication from enforced against will cruelty in Our bodies in form of “biologic honey” and because of all of those factors, We had serious difficulties to defend from brain manipulation by lie and fear against Our Will. Our mistake was, that We was locked from knowledge how to behave in presence of armed agents and did opened doors of Our vehicle with going out of it from different directions – NOT TOGETHER AT ONCE, while We did not commit any crime and should stay inside, as innocent Gods, who just while ago was DEFENDING from astral terror of satanism. And, because We went out of Our property (Vehicle of Thearchy) without reason, it get opportunity to do treat on Our lives by it corrupted evil behaviours and force it “black holes” (opposition of real eyes) into Our eyes against Our Will, to inject itself into brain and produce future nightmares trough sleeping states. 

This time, inside of temple of Thearchy, We, the God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, stay Ourselves and did not went under brain manipulation, because We was not intoxicated by any external factors. We rise up OUR HEALING MUSIC, went to kitchen and start provide calm conversation between each other. Once it recognised, that We are ignoring it and talking calm (no screams and suspicious noises was going on) – it just give up and stoped bothering Us.

After disturbing noises in doors and windows stopped, We took some Time to recover from this event, and then decide to give a call to central police station to find out, if it was receiving order to sent police on Our address of Thearchy. While call We did experienced corrupted behaviour in form of discrimination and lying trough phone. This is how it was:

First of all, We ask question: “did police received order between 19:00-20:00 on the following address?”

Police officer answered, that it cannot answer this question, because this is a private information.

Second of all, We officially did rapport to central police station about Our awareness, that in the day of event (19-20:00) police appear in front of doors to bother Us, because of fake alarm, which was done by very danger and toxic black magic witch from jahovah sect, located under address Lunenburg 15 and which is very often violating on Our Love and Togetherness by so called not official astral/energy levels.

According to this information, police officer informed, that it is not possible to do rapport by phone. 

Third of all, We decide to ask police on phone extra important question, according to another cases in past, when We was dealing with dutch police officers sprayed by perfumes. We ask it question: “Does police officers are allowed to be sprayed by ETHANOL in form of perfumes?”

Since this question, police officer show it corrupted behaviour and start discriminate Us on phone, by question back: “Are You serious with this question? How far You are going to go with this?”. It start behave, like We are doing some jokes here, but for Us question about perfumes was not a joke, because We are Aware, what means perfume or any other form of alcohol/ethanol for Us and for all existing Life. After We continue insist and standing up for the TRUTH, it eventually give up and respond, that police officers are allowed to be sprayed by perfume. After this, We said, that this is very not good, because alcohol is very danger chemical weapon and threat against Our Love and Life. 

– “We know very clearly, that anything, what is sprayed by perfume, have only three main purposes: seduce, separate from each other and violate on Life/Health/Immortality. When We are asking question about perfume, We are not doing a jokes. We are officially exposing DANGERS of alcohol on governmental website of Thearchy and pointing, how satan is ruling all hell trough alcoholism and adultery. This is not a joke for Us, as well as for any Alive Being in whole Infinite Cosmos”. 

Eventually police submit that it will do the rapport, but We never saw it. 

And fourth of all, the last question, which We asked central police station according to cases with police in past: “Does police officers are obliged to show it legitimation document, when it is stopping Us, for example?” – We ask this question, because, We suspect, that many times in past We was stopped not even by police. We suspect corruption, thats why We ask this question to officially record answer for Our administration, because We know, that by the law, every police officer must always legitimate itself, that it is an official police officer and not any fraud, with fake police uniform or fake police vehicle. We expect the answer on Our question, but instead of that, police officer start behave full of fear, as soon as possible to end the conversation with leaving question not answered.


Why, when in past happens 2 times falling into short-duration coma state, after main awakening from coma (30 May, Year 1), none of so-called police or other “rescue-thing” did never appear to so-called “rescue” Us from watching nightmares about satan and centre of hell, because of which all Innocent Life in entire Infinite Cosmos was suffering? “

Why in past, when for example, happens the most heavy attack of black magic (3-5.11.1) with direct manifestation of satan and it demons in Temple of Thearchy, and was going on temporary, but very danger Mind control against Our Love/Togetherness on the edge of blacking out into another coma state, none of so-called police was not ringing in Our doors or knocking in Our windows with so-called “help”? Very loud screams was going on in that time, much more loud, then nowadays. Why, when another exorcism sessions with interruption against Our Love was happening, none of police was not appearing to do so-called “help”?

Why, since Our Brain get much healed and satan already cannot induce total Mind control against Love/Togetherness or force into lunatic/coma state, when any form of exorcism session was happening in this state of Mind, police start appear with so-called fake “rescue missions”? When We, the Gods Raixe&Airis, are able to stand up for Our Love and reject fear and lie, then it is appearing. But, when there was really danger exorcisms in past, with straight treat on Our Love, Our Life/Health/Immortality, Our Hyperconsciousness or Our Freedom, then it was not appearing at all.


Because in past, when there was situations on the edge of lunatic or coma state, all of it (demons) was very much satisfied about pain, suffering and mind control of Us, Pure and innocent Gods Raixe&Airis, and was doing everything to induce total coma state without way back. But, when We are already on the level, that it is not possible to force Us to blackout into coma, then it is very not satisfied and appearing with fake “rescue missions” with only purpose: violate on Our Love, Life/Health/Immortality and Freedom, trough intoxicating Us by perfumes, inducing stress, frightening by guns or by trying to manipulate mind by any other evil way.

evil is showing itself in true form more and more brightly, because lie have expiration date and cannot exist forever, but TRUTH EXIST ALWAYS AND FOREVER. We will keep on exposing the Truth about evil and how it is trying to violate on Our Love, Life/Health/Immortality and Freedom, until it will just stop exist forever in whole Infinite Space.


Official note of the God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, Supreme Authorities of Thearchy, for police of every existing countries:

On address Lunenburg 17, Vlissingen is located very special house/Spiritual sanctuary called “Temple of Thearchy” or “Temple of the Gods Raixe&Airis”, where is regularly happening sacred ceremonies – Healing meditation sessions (entering into hyperspace) and intensive exorcism sessions (dealing with black magic dark forces of satanism). Because of higher mentored, under the following address, time from time, may be hearable screams or other loud sounds, because this is the way, how some of exorcism sessions goes, because Gods Raixe&Airis DO NOT USING ANAESTHETICS FOR HEALING. For security reasons, in order to protect Love, Health, Freedom and privacy of the Gods Raixe&Airis, They established information plate of Their Foundation, over wall of Temple, where is stated, that opening doors to anything is possible ONLY ON APPOINTMENT. What means, that nothing have right to interrupt, while those sacred ceremonies/sessions are happening, even security services.

They stated: “According to Supreme Constitution of the Gods Raixe&Airis, We, as absolutely Pure and sinless Gods, have Supreme Right to be untouchable by any form of evil. Thats why, We are following 

We , the God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, are officially declaring, that We do not allowed any form of “mankind” to interrupt into Our privacy, AT ALL and ESPECIALLY, while sacred healing ceremonies or exorcism sessions, because any form of interruption of “mankind” is a violation on Our HEALTH/LIFE/IMMORTALITY, and those violations have very heavy consequences for all existing Life. We will never open doors to anything, while such a procedure is going on, because We are able to deal with this ONLY OURSELVES – TOGETHER. In case, if We would ever require any form of help from police or rescue service, We would contact it OURSELVES – not by so-called fake “help” of black magic neighbour-demons, which sense of existence is only based on wishing Us, pure sinless Gods, the worse evil of hell can be, simply because We Truly Love each other.

Undersigned, the God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, Supreme Authorities of Thearchy – Government of the Gods Raixe&Airis”.


In day 21 December Year 4 at time 08:59:28 in the morning, We, the God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, did established new information plate behind lower window of Our Temple and went outside to do photo of this plate. While going outside, first of all, We start feel stink of very strong french perfumes, because of which We immediately put gas masks over Our faces in order to protect Our Health from harm by alcohol. The source of alcohol (two witches-demons, soldiers of satan from address: Lunenburg 15 and Merkenburg 51) after seeing this plate and Us with gas masks over faces, start noise opposition of peace in Our direction with very intensive swearing and discrimination: “Go away from here, go away to Your country, here is no place for You in the Netherlands…” and so on. We ignored it, did pictures of new information plate, hug each other and then calm went back to Our own country/Temple – territory of Thearchy of Pure Paradise.
We reporting this act of fear and discrimination dropped NOT OFFICIALLY in Our direction. So-called citizens of the Netherlands are violating on Constitution of this country.

Lower mentored fundamental rights of dutch constitution was broken in that day:

“Article 1
All persons in the Netherlands shall be treated equally in equal circumstances. Discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief, political opinion, race or sex or on any other grounds whatsoever shall not be permitted.

Article 6
1. everyone shall have the right to profess freely his religion or belief, either individually or in community with others, without prejudice to his responsibility under the law.

Article 7
No one shall require prior permission to publish thoughts or opinions through the press, without prejudice to the responsibility of every person under the law”.

Higher mentored behaviours is recognised as mental disorders. Any form of official complain in any case, shall always take place in form of official letter with date and introduction of identity of complaining side. In that case, it was typical behaviour of evil: loud noises/swearing’s with anger and anxiety without submitting, what is a source of this evil act. Only cowards and liars behave like this. 

Official information to any unit of demon: “you have complain to the Gods Raixe&Airis? Compose letter about it, date it, put signature like in id card and mention your BSN/ID number on it. Then your letter will be considered”.

~ the God and Goddess Raixe&Airis.