According to recent case of very important rejection of not Our personality (evil black magic curse called “robert gavrylenko” and satanic address connected to it);
In day 16 april year 6 (21 – by counting time of hell) We received letter with the final decision of polish municipality “czerwonak” , dated by 1 april year 6 (2021 – by counting time of hell) about permanent de-registration of toxic address (headquarters of satan) from corrupted identity documents, which God Raixe still unfortunately own.
The final decision is stating, that combination of letters called “robert gavrylenko” is permanently removed from evil devilish address (ul.lesna 101, promnice, poland), PERMANENTLY, because of “not willing to be there” (by Our words – God Raixe is not willing to fall asleep in coma and accept lie, that He ever had anything to do with this address or any form of devil related to it).

Photos of final decision in polish language – printed, signed and stamped by polish government.

Forward english translation and transcription of this document will be published in near future.

As God Raixe wrote in His final statement – He physically never was on this address and never will want to be there, because He is Aware, that this is toxic evil lie, and anything what is related to this address is a source of all existing diseases and death/decay, which sense of existence is only to do evil against Pure and Innocent Ones.Therefore, He have no single doubts about the fact, that it (satan/devil) have no single right to exist. Therefore, it is truly deserving to be permanently and peacefully FORGOTTEN / ERASED from Our Memory Forever.
Every Our rejection of evil We are doing in the name of Our Pure True Love to Each Other and to all Our True Family Members (Pure Innocent Angels) – Magic Psilocybin Mushrooms, Magic Psilocybin Truffles and Psilocybe Mushroom Beings, – the Ones Who Truly Love Us and always proving this to Us by Their Pure Innocent Intentions.

The first stage of de-activation of black magic curse have been fulfilled according to the “Final Execution Statement”.

Now, the next upcoming stage of removing black magic curse is: permanently erasing toxic combination of letters of satan (so-called “names of parents”) from corrupted “birth certificate”, which is still attached to God Raixe by corrupted system against His Will.

According to first “Final Execution Statement”, (quote from 14 december year 3):

“you must erase this combination of letters (fake personality called ”robert blazej bereszynski”) and all corrupted documents (especially, address of registration in center of hell called ”promnice” and act of birth, in which stands your evil names – “renata/waldemar”) from polish system, like it did never existed, so this curse will be never “officially” attached to me, because I am not “robert blazej bereszynski” – never was, is and never will be”.

This is the order of God and Goddess Raixe and Airis to satan “bereszynskich”. This order must be fulfilled by it, in the same legal way, as de-registration procedure.

~ God Raixe and Goddess Airis.