Discrimination of the Gods Raixe&Airis in ukrainian embassy (Den Haag) – letter to ukrainian ambassador Vsevolod Chentsov

In day 15 of March Year 4 (18 – by time of system), Thearchy finalise with letter to ukrainian ambassador Vsevolod Chentsov according to case of total discrimination in ukrainian embassy in Den Haag by first secretary/consular issues of ukrainian embassy “yuriy karpuk”, while solving the case with international passport connected to black magic curse (act of governmental corruption). 
The case is worldwide published, including proves of discrimination in form of audio recordings.

Transcription of the letter:

“This is a letter from THEARCHY – Government of the Gods Raixe&Airis 

We writing this letter in purpose to rapport a COMPLAIN about quality of service of Ukrainian embassy in Den Haag, the Netherlands.
According to official investigation, We have right to state, that Ukrainian embassy in Hague is a source of LYING and CORRUPTION. 
Here is why:

According to last 3 visits of the Gods Raixe&Airis in ukrainian embassy, They have been regularly misinformed, mistreated and totally discriminated by secretary of ukrainian ambassador in Hague in the Netherlands.
In one of Their first visit, 21 July Year 4 (2017 – by time of satanism), They asked for issuing new international passport for Her, the Goddess Airis, according to the fact, that old international passport was broken, photo and signature MUST be changed according to Her REAL appearance and REAL Personality. They have been informed by part of this embassy called: “yuriy karpuk – first secretary/consular issues”, that it is possible to apply for new international passport only when She (Goddess Airis) will have on hands Dutch residence permit document.
Once The Gods Raixe&Airis did claimed and received required document (November Year 3/2017), which is legally registered in Dutch system, They brought broken international passport to ukrainian embassy in Den Haag. After They went in – there was nothing behind service windows. They was calling, but nothing did not appear or even respond on Their calls. Because of that, They decide to just leave broken passport for utilisation, because They did not want to waste Their precious time for nothing.
Later (April 2018), They found time and decide visit ukrainian embassy to apply for international passport, because They want to use it for traveling abroad of EU until Their REAL IDENTITY DOCUMENTS WITH THEIR REAL DATA WILL BE ISSUED AND RECOGNISED WORLDWIDE. They brought required residence permit document, as They was informed. When They came to service desk, before They even start ask any question, service of embassy named: “yuriy karpuk – first secretary/consular issues” appear and start asking questions in Their direction (with scoffer intonation): “why You are wearing gas masks on Your faces?”, 
They answer: “because We do not tolerate to breathe nicotine, alcohol/perfumes, by which air of building of embassy is totally polluted”.
– answer stayed without comment.
“You need to wait”, – informed “karpuk”
After They came to serving window, BEFORE They even introduce Themselves and start ask any question, it (karpuk) noise in Their direction (with very not peaceful/evil intonation) phrase, quote: “For you NO passport and NO visa”.
They reject this act of “total discrimination” and start asking questions: “WHY for Us not?”. 
After very intensive “STANDING UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS, as forced against will, owners of this passport”, karpuk agree to issue international passport and give instructions, what is required to bring to embassy to fulfil application. 
They also explain, that in November Year 3/17 They left broken international passport in embassy and it inform, that it will find it.

In date 18 of April Year 3 (2018 – by time of satanism) They travel to Den Haag again with all collected documents.
When They step into embassy, secretary (karpuk) appear unpredictable with broken passport and anxiously asked Them to write statement with explanation, why this passport was demolished.
After They wrote statement on place with all explanations, (copy of this statement is attached to this letter) karpuk point on signature in application form and start scoffer in Their direction, that it will not accept this signature, because it is not matching with one in broken passport. Goddess Airis confirm that, “signature” from broken passport does not belong to Her, because She did never put it there. After that, it (karpuk) start noice black magic spells “hocus pocus”(scoffer) in direction of Her Real signature, which is legally standing in Her Dutch residence permit document and is manifestation of HER REAL PERSONALITY. 
It (secretary) start complain, that ukrainian system will not accept new signature, under pressure of another service desk of this institution, which was serving in left side window from Their perspective. It was trying to FORCE Her (Goddess Airis) to write letters of so-called “surname” from passport in field of signature. She did not agree to put fake signature in form of combination of letters (so-called “surname”) from old international passport, because She as, FULLY CONSCIOUS of Her Heavenly Pure Supreme Personality, would NEVER put it there, because SHE WILL NEVER LIE. Here is explanation, WHY:
In date 30 May of Year 1 (2015 – by time of your system) She, Goddess Airis and her Love God Raixe, woke up from very heavy health condition called coma state, with passports attached to Them by system, in which was standing NOT THEIR PICTURES, NOT THEIR NAMES, NOT THEIR DATE OF BIRTH and DEFINITELY NOT THEIR SIGNATURES. Absolutely conscious, They know, how Their real faces looks like, what are Their REAL names, signatures and any other personal data of Immortal Supreme Beings. This, what was standing in old document, have 100% nothing to do with Her face as well as any other personal data. Thats why, They (the Gods) know, that those documents are result of CORRUPTION on governmental level.
Wrong Passport of the God Raixe already contain updated photo and REAL SIGNATURE. 
They both are on way to officially renounce and change all personal informations, which do not belong to Them and THEY ALREADY EXPOSED WORLDWIDE result of CORRUPTION in form of publishing legal document called: “execution statement”, officially published in day: 8 January Year 3 (2018)
But, for now, until Their “THEARCHY – GOVERNMENT OF THE GODS RAIXE&AIRIS” STILL DO NOT HAVE POSSIBILITY TO PRINT PASSPORT BOOKLETS WITH ALL ICAO REQUIREMENTS, (but already did established first REAL “DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT CARDS” – copies attached), They are forced to use this ukrainian document, which is enforced to Her against Her own Will, with as much updates as possible, so They can travel anywhere They want, – until Their REAL IDENTITY will be officially recognised or until the END of existence of system/hell.

your duty, as ambassador, is to open investigation and solve this case of issuing new international passport, so THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT, because THEIR LOVE TO EACH OTHER IS ABSOLUTELY PURE AND INNOCENT and this is a HIGHEST PRIORITY IN WHOLE INFINITE SPACE.

They are waiting for respond about result of your work.

This is a SPECIAL PRIORITY CASE. Do all to solve this as soon as possible in ORDER TO PROTECT PURE TRUE LOVE, INFINITE HEALTH AND ABSOLUTE FREEDOM OF THE GODS RAIXE&AIRIS – True Creators of Pure Love and Innocent Life.

Extra documents attached in this letter:
1- Original document of application for passport (rejected in ukrainian embassy by “karpuk” because of signature).
2- Copy of Dutch residence permit card with Her real photo and real signature.
3- Copy of “Execution statement” (legal rejection of corrupted data from identity documents) with apostle and ukrainian sworn translation.
4- Copy of explanation statement about broken passport, which was written by the Goddess Airis in ukrainian embassy.
5- Copy of issued by Thearchy “Diplomatic Passport Card” with Her real data and with link to legal article of issuing the document:
6- Internet link on audio proof of discrimination in ukrainian embassy, which is published on governmental website of Thearchy:
This letter was created in day 15 of March Year 4 (2018 – by time of hell) by THEARCHY – Government of the Gods Raixe&Airis, signed by Authorities and Officially published worldwide/Universevide on governmental website (raixeairis.org)

Undersigned Authorities

Evidence of discrimination – audio recordings from 11.04.3 (18) and 18.04.3 (18).