Legal recognition of Thearchical Identity Documents

Recently released Identity Documents of the Gods are in official use since date of release (7.05.3/18 – Thearchical License; 7.06.4/18 – Diplomatic Passport Card).

Since moment of official release of Thearchical License and Diplomatic Passport Cards, documents have been multiply recognized in the Netherlands by postal offices (“Gamma” supermarket – Govert Flincklaan 7, 4383 WB Vlissingen; “Intratuin” supermarket – Vlissingsestraat 40a, 4371 RE Koudekerke).

On dates: 23.06.4/18 and 4.08.4/18 the Gods Raixe&Airis have been in traveling mission of Thearchy on Their real new issued Identity Documents.

Diplomatic Passport Cards have been legally recognized by Spanish border control in ticket office on way to ferry to Mallorca Island – proofs attached (tickets purchased on Diplomatic Documents from Barcelona to Mallorca and from Mallorca to Barcelona). Documents was officially checked and controlled by MRZ (Machine Readable Zone).

In near future, Thearchy will issue Identity Cards and full Diplomatic Passport Booklets for the Gods Raixe&Airis, so They can travel worldwide and collect Their recognition in form of stamps in Their new authentic Passports.