Heavy violence on Our health by “NICOTINIC ACID” drug

Recently, after dealing with subject of psychic attacks from side of ABN AMRO bank, happens heavy treat on Our Life’s – intoxication by poison pills, which was containing drug called NICOTINIC ACID or vitamin b3/niacin.

This poisoning was a black magic satanic order of corrupted government, connected to frightening on Our financial freedom, which had purpose to put Us into coma, because We do not agree for slavery/forced labour.

We decide to take this supplement after finding out in internet about “nootropic psi-vitamin complex” (also referred to as so-called “stamets neurogenesis stack”, ”niacin Lion’s Mane Psilocybin protocol”, “microdosing stack”, “neurogenesis stack” etc.) for improving healthy Brain function, which was promoted by mycologist brand called “paul stamets” (hereby referred as “Fungi Perfecti LLC”) on subject of medicinal Mushrooms (the protocol have been applied for patent approval). This formula was consist of 3 main ingredients – Psilocybin Mushrooms, Lions Mane Mushroom and vitamin B3/niacin. First two ingredients are absolutely Pure (Psilocybin Mushrooms/Truffles and Lions Mane Mushrooms), but third one (niacin/nicotinic acid) was a trigger/deception of satan, which We did experienced on Our own Health as heavy danger and harm (destruction of Brain and Liver health), from which Magic (Psilocybin) Mushrooms and Magic (Psilocybin) Truffles was saving Our Life’s.

Below is a screenshot extracted from website microdosing.nl with “nootropic psi-vitamin complex protocol” and Our comments according to this:

The verdict of Thearchy is: The “Fungi Perfecti LLC” is corrupted by satan/dark forces company, which is under LYING of advertising subject of Pure Innocent MUSHROOMS, is convincing to HEAVY HARM under SPONSORING OF PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY OF NICOTINE DRUGS.

Unfortunately, satan still had power to influence Our Minds trough deceptive information from internet about “beneficial vitamin” and convince Us to consume those poison pills, but because Our Brains are hyper-sensitive and does not have antistatic’s, We was able to react on danger and take the appropriate actions to defend from poisoning in time.

Likely, Our intuition did not let Us to take more than 50mg per serving, this is why We bought the smallest possible dosage to test. According to “stamets protocol”, the amount of nicotinic acid (other words – nicotine) in once shall be token 101-200mg, which in Our opinion is “straight way to induce coma”, because from 50mg Our Health felt “on the edge” of total devastation. Plus another deception/lie is amount of raw Psilocybin Mushrooms according to amount of poison drug. The mount of 0,1-1g of fresh Magic Mushrooms (equals 1-10mg of pure Psilocybin) is a placebo, especially according to 101-200mg of heavy poison drug. With such ratio, Magic Mushrooms/Truffles will not be able to even defend/detox from 101-200mg of nicotine poison, and Hericium Erinaceus unfortunately is not able to do this at all.

Below is text of Our review of this product (niacin/b3) on amazon.de with description of treat on Our Health:

Danger treat on Health – have no right to be produced.

On date 27 august Year 6 (2020 – by counting time of hell/system) We ordered vitamin B3/niacin with purpose to test the “nootropic psi-vitamin complex” for improving Brain health, which We did read out from internet under mycologist brand “paul stamets” on subject of medicinal Mushrooms.

We did not had possibility and time to start testing the supplement immediately, so We decide to do this later. According to medicinal Mushrooms – We was in contact with Them since always and know very well how beneficial They are for Our Health.

In the “stamets protocol” was stated amount of niacin 101-200mg per serving. Intuitionally, We did order supplement with the smallest dosage – 50mg per serving.

In the end of october We start taking the B3 supplement (the smallest, 50mg dosage), 1 capsule per day 4 days in roll.
First 3 days was only red flushes (sometimes more, sometimes less) and We perceived that this is okay (this is what We read out in internet, that “flushing is temporary and harmless side effect” or even can be beneficial, because dilating blood vessels and bringing more blood to Brain and all inner organs), so We continue taking the supplement. But on 4th day (20 october Year 6) it did not end up only on red flushes – happens very heavy intoxication with violation on Life. It started from red flushes, which was much more heavy, then previous 3 days. Following flushes was accompanied by allergic reactions – rapid heartbeat, difficulties to breathe, confusion, blurred vision, dizziness and cramps in lower abdomen, which later manifest itself in around 30 times of throwing up puke in roll for 7 hours. In one moment poisoning was trying to enforce coma by feeling of “all senses are going away from body”, which was already very alarming for Us.

Intoxication by drug was so heavy, that We felt how it was target to stop action of Brain and Liver, but it did not succeed, because of Our Pure True Love to each other and Our Guardian Angels (Our heavenly alive ambulance – Magic Psilocybin Mushrooms/Truffles) save Us from falling into coma again.
One of Us did took on herself the main detox symptoms and was puking to save Life of both.
After general intoxication, the consequences on Health and withdrawal from drug symptoms was still going on for around 10 days, one of which was few days of heavy tinnitus (ringing in ears) and cluster headaches.

After this, what We did experienced, We have no single doubts, that this is a 100% TOXIC DRUG – not any beneficial vitamin. 

This supplement have few names: “vitamin B3, niacin or NICOTINIC ACID”. We read out in internet, that “nicotinic acid/B3 have nothing in common with nicotine (neurotoxin) from cigarettes/tobacco”. We did rely on this information and decide to test the supplement. After 4 days of testing it We have no doubts, that name “nicotinic acid” stands there not for no reason – this, what is inside of these capsules is a 100% NICOTINE ORIGIN – extremely danger for Life NEUROTOXIC POISON DRUG.

Therefore, We are officially stating, that it have no right to be produced anymore, because it is really DANGER FOR HEALTH POISON.

We wanted to apply for refund to amazon and sent poison drug back to it source, but unfortunately it is already too late to do so. Anyway, this harm, which those pills did to Us, cause Us much more loss than just loss of 14,25 EUR.
Therefore, the bitter truth about poison pills will be exposed worldwide by Thearchy.

~ God and Goddess Raixe and Airis.

According to higher quoted rapport of violation on Our Life, We officially submitting, that this so-called “nootropic formula” have no right to gain the patent and give profit, as it is wrong and harmful for Brain and all body Health. Psilocybin Mushrooms, Psilocybin Truffles and Hericium Erinaceus (lions Mane Mushroom) are three absolutely Pure and Natural compounds Who can be in very good team with each other, but nicotine is evil (hell-origin destructive neurotoxic poison drug) and have nothing to do with pure and innocent Nature/REAL HEALTH. They (Magic Mushrooms/Truffles) DON’T WANT TO BE MIXED WITH ANY FORM OF POISON DRUGS.

Therefore, this product will be NEVER purchased by Us.

After We reject violence of satanic order of corruption on Our Life’s, the Supreme Law of Destiny was applied as usual – all harm pointed to stop Our Life’s is unavoidable going back to it source, because “We do never intend to harm and do not agree to be harmed”.

~ God and Goddess Raixe and Airis.