universal court of rights
uco the g-ra



In accordance with Fundamental Regulation of creating the Infinite Omniverse:

“Everyone, Who is Alive, have Soul and is absolutely Pure and Innocent, deserve to have Their own Rights”. In case of hell called “earth”, this regulation applies to Us, God and Goddess Raixe&Airis and Our Creations/Children – Pure Innocent Life, Who was created by Us on Our Perfect Image as result of Our Pure True Love to Each Other.

On date: 1 november Year 3 / 17 (by counting time of hell/system) Thearchy did established International InterOmniversal Highest Institution, which will be officially busy with “Protecting Rights of Immortal Supreme Beings Raixe&Airis and Their Creation – Pure Innocent Life / Nature”.

The Highest Institution bears the name: 

“Universal Court Of The God and Goddess Raixe&Airis”, acronym: “UCO The G-RA”.

The first and the Main purpose of Universal court is a protection of Supreme Rights of God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, Who are in the centre of target by the dark forces of satan. This includes protection of Their Pure True Love to each other, Their Infinite Health/Immortality and Their Absolute Freedom, from any form of darkness (satan itself or it production – demon, machinery and earth/hell-origin organic/inorganic matter).


The second purpose of Universal court is a protection of Rights of Pure Innocent Life/Nature. The Life Forms, Who have Soul, Consciousness and feelings, and Who have absolutely Pure (not hell/earth-origin) Genes. The ones, Who did create on Our Image as result of act of Our Pure True Love to Each Other.


“We, the Real God and Goddess Raixe&Airis, do perceive pain and suffering of Our Creation – Nature, as Our own, because GALAXIES ARE SWIMMING IN OUR VEINS and PURE INNOCENT LIFE FORMS (true members of Thearchy) lives in those GALAXIES.”

Therefore, We are determinate to STOP any form of violence on Pure Innocent Life FOREVER, and nothing cannot stop Us from those Pure acts”.

“We are AWARE, WHY all evil sins exist and what is the REAL CORE of those sins.”

We, God Raixe and Goddess Airis, did established list of Our Fundamental Supreme Rights, which also exist in “Supreme Constitution Thearchy”. Three basic Rights: LOVE, LIFE (Health/Immortality) and FREEDOM, are unbreakable monolith, which “UCO the G-RA” is protecting. In case of any violation on those Fundamental Rights, We have the Authority to protect each other and judge any form of evil for violation on Fundamental Laws of Supreme Thearchy, by applying financial punishments.

In case of trying to avoid or reject financial punishments, the CONSEQUENCES will be applied on SUPERNATURAL levels, what means that – nothing cannot avoid DESTINY.

We, God and Goddess, did create Vast Infinite Omniverse under one untouchable regulation:

“What goes around – always comes around”

“UCO THE G-RA” Is the only one independent International InterOmniversal Court (all rights reserved by God and Goddess Raixe&Airis), which is authorised to judge authorities, institutions, legal entities, corporations or companies for harming the Supreme Beings Raixe&Airis (“Rights of God and Goddess”) and harming Innocent Life (“Rights of Pure Innocent Life”), all around the hell/system, for violation on Genesis Regulations of All Life – “Love, Live be Conscious and be Free” abbreviation : “LLCF”. Any recognised form of harm pointed in direction of God and Goddess Raixe&Airis or on pure Innocent Life/Nature will be punished by applying of financial fines, termination of licenses and even freedoms.

In case of trying to avoid or reject any of those kinds of punishment, the highest and unavoidable Law of Destiny with forwards peaceful self-termination of predator/source of evil will be applied (Article 11§8 of Supreme Constitution).