According to Our observations while reading many reviews for different grow kits and also some articles, when there is mentoring subject of “Magic Mushrooms forming Blobs”, this is usually described as something wrong and reason of complain.
Well, this is not what We are thinking about. According to the fact, which kind of Heavenly Beauty, strength/potency and taste They carry – We will never submit, that there is anything wrong with the Blobs. They are just different formations of Mush-bodies, as expression of Personality of Magic Mycelium. In correct given conditions, They are shrooming very big and very thick, full of Magic Love&Light.

In Our experience, Blobs can have more Healing potency than even regular shaped Mushrooms and Their nutritional value can be more rich source of Our Magic Proteins. They reminds mixture between Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles, what doing Them very unique Supreme Food – one of a kind Heavenly desserts for Us.

For Us Blobs are Miracle formations of Our Children (Magic Mushrooms), Who always looks for Us absolutely outstanding. We are calling Them “Mush’Truff’s”, because They looks like cute Mush-bodies, Who are forming bizarre shapes reminding Magic Truffles (or in some cases – mixture of both in one, Mushrooms coming out of Truffles), but with creamy textures of Magic Mushrooms.

In appreciation of these Heavenly miracles of Our Love to Each Other, We are publishing few pictures of very beautiful bizarre shapes of Magic Blobs, Who did grow up in past in Our Temple. These was 2 particular strains – Push Mushroom (PE classic) and Guardian Mushroom (McK), SupaGro grow kits from Zamnesia. They grow up for Us very beautiful, healthy and full of Shroomy Love. We truly appreciate that from all Our Eternal Hearts.

~ God and Goddess – Psilocybe Guardian Mushroom and Psilocybe Guardian Mushie.