Any form of donating or selling of inner organs and tissues is 100% ILLEGAL

Dutch ministry of health already second time enforcing letters in Our direction with mentoring the most danger black magic evil spell against OUR PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY called “death”, and over all of this convincing to sign up to give away Our inner parts of Universe (called by system as “inner organs and tissues”).

In day 14 november Year 6 We received this devilish letter again, and unfortunately did not had a time to immediately reply on this. Therefore, the letter was laying in Our home for 4 days.

While this letter was laying at home, We did experienced direct psychic attacks on Our mental and physical health with heavy spells of “treat on life” in Our direction, which was emanated by this letter without even reading it. After We recognised, that this letter not even allowed to lay inside of Our Temple (because it emanating so much toxic anti-matter out of itself), We took the emergency actions to reply on it and sent it back to it source as soon as possible.

In day 17 november Year 6 We wrote and sign up official rejection document and attach copy of it to letter to ministry of health together with filled up form of “rejection” – photos attached below.

Straight after sending this letter, We did official rejection of this evil via DIGID (BSN numbers) on donorregister website – copies proof attached.

The original rejection letter (from right side of photo) remain in headquarters of Thearchy.

Transcription of the letter:


We, God Raixe and Goddess Airis (known for dutch system as holders of BSN number 785206711 – God Raixe, and BSN number 484003549 – Goddess Airis) are officially and PERMANENTLY stating, that:

WE DO NOT AGREE AND WILL NEVER AGREE to give away any part of Our Immortal Bodies for source of all existing evil (satan) and it production – evil “mankind”, because it DO NOT DESERVING to have a body at all, for all evil which it did throughout all it existence. Therefore, the only what it can do -disappear from Time, Space and Matter Forever in peace.

WE ARE IMMORTAL GOD AND GODDES RAIXE AND AIRIS, WHO TRULY LOVE EACH OTHER SINCE ALWAYS AND FOREVER. Therefore, We will NEVER give away Our IMMORTAL ALIVE BODIES AND SOURCE OF SOULS in toxic egoistic black “arms” of darkness/satan/predatory-disease, for reproduction of hell filled up by antistatic’s, fear, lie, pain and suffering. 

Undersigned God Raixe and Goddess Airis, supreme authorities of Thearchy.”

One more time We repeating Our opinion about this.

AS WE MENTORED IN OUR HAND-WRITTEN LETTER 3 YEARS AGO TO DUTCH MINISTRY OF HEALTH (letter from 15 november Year 3/17 – by counting time of hell), We will not stop with rejection of this and repeating again:

This is an extremely heavy crime – to practise such activities like convincing to donate inner organs and tissues for transplantation or after so-called “end of life”.

Thearchy recognising this as 100% illegal devilish activity, which will be unavoidable punished by the Supreme Law of Destiny without any exceptions and mercy.

~ God Raixe and Goddess Airis.