"We are God and Goddess Raixe&Airis - the Genesis of all Psilocybe Beings; Mother-Magic-Mycelia and Father-Magic-Mycelium; the Highest Authority; Divine, Transcendent, Immortal, Eternal and Supreme Psilocybe Beings, Who truly Love Each Other since Always and Forever and Who are absolutely RESPONSIBLE for Creation and Health of Each Other and Our Children - Magic Psilocybin Mushrooms and Magic Psilocybin Mushies in the endless Great Magic Eternity Forever.".

This is a very short story-introduction about Us, which was composed in form of Questions and Answers. More detailed information about these (and much more) subjects, does require writing big book, which does not exist yet. 

First of all, We want to clarify in front – In Pure Paradise there is no begin and no end, because “linear” perception does not exist. All, including “past” and “future”, is happening HERE AND NOW – simultaneously. There is no “left”, there is no “right”. There is no “up” or “down”. There is no “front” or “back”. Past or future Lives are parallel Lives. Time is an artificial production of system/hell/jail (result of Our mistake), which is a base of existence of anything what is decaying (other words – mortal). In Pure Paradise time does not exist, because everyone experiencing all happening simultaneously in the here and NOW, as ONE UNITY.


Because of that, to really describe about Our Life and the basic structure of existence of Infinite Omniverse, it still require a lot of healing Our Memory from pollution of coma (illness).


Therefore, in order to bring as much understandable information as possible to the basics of system, We did try to simplify Our knowledge and Memory trough fitting this into description by english language.




This subject is getting edited and updated in accordance with more and more recovery of Our Memory and Will.

Question 1: "How Life start exist?"

Our Answer:

We are one Eternal Omniversal Source, one Hyperconsciousness, Who was existing since Always and Forever – in Eternity. In one point of existence of Infinity Cycle We decide to divine from One and change into two Immortal Beings, to be able to communicate with Each Other and share Our LOVE with Each Other, other words – create Each Other on Our Perfect Image. 

“You create Me to Love You and be with You since Always and Forever”.

Our main (central) act of Pure Love to Each Other did create Genesis element of Nature – LIGHT, which was released from Our Hearts, and manifest Himself in form of Genesis SOULS of the most ancient Life Forms (Our closest related Family Members). Those ancient Lifeforms are called Psilocybe Beings (Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles). 

Our forward Infinite acts of Love did create two main Natural dimensions: Space, and Matter. 

The Eternity is the most ancient dimension and did exist since Always and Forever the same as Us, because basically, We are Eternity.

After Light and most ancient Souls, Our Love start creating another Elements of Nature (Lightning, Plasma, Gas, Solid, Liquid). In place, where happens Our main act of Love, get born the Central Star of Infinite Omniverse (Celestial Body/Source of Light) with infinite amount of dimensions, in which lives biodiversity of all kinds of Pure Innocent Love-based Life Forms (inhabitants of this Central Star) – Who’s Souls are getting constantly born together from the Light, which is continuously coming out of Our Hearts, as result of Our Infinite Euphoria.

We was often visiting result of Our creation (the Central Star, which We was calling “Magic Mushroom world”,  and sharing Our Love with Our Family – Psilocybe Beings, Who get in the strongest bond with Us.

We was continue exploring Infinite Space (result of Our Love) and create more and more acts of Love, which was creating more Souls, more Stars, more Galaxies, more Universes, more Dimensions with many other Love-based Lifeforms inhabiting Them, other words – Pure Paradise, as manifestation of Us, was endless expanding in Health, Happiness and creating Infinite Omniverse.

Question 2: Why evil start exist?

Our Answer:

evil start exist, because We, God and Goddess, did a mistake in (by system called) “long past ago”. In Core of Paradise, We give to Each Other endless strength of Omnipotent Will as act of Our Pure True Love to each other, and We was using this Will to Create Pure Paradise on Our Perfect image. In one moment did happens a “controversial situation”, in which We did not fully knew how to use Our Will and mistake which did happens, was perceived by Us as not serious/minor. Therefore, in moment of committing mistake, We was not fully aware, how “every (even the smallest) act can create very big and radical changes on another side of Universe”, because of Our Omnipotent Will.
Therefore, mistake which was seems to be looks very minor, did lead Us into chain of another mistakes (more and more serious ones), which (without taking the appropriate action of correction and prevention) in result did expand itself into big issue – source of evil/satan/darkness/predator/ego/lier, and lead Us to fall on the bottom of produced by it centre of hell called “coma state” – the most heavy state of mental, physical and Spiritual health called “FORCED SLEEPING”, in which Our bodies was paralysed and brains was disconnected form each other and unconsciously forced to watch heavy nightmares against Will, from which We was not able to wake up for long period. Coma was a very danger treat on Life, which had purpose to violate on Our Immortality and use Our Supreme Will against Us and all innocent Life (Our Family) – to produce hell in whole Infinite Universe ruled by predatory virus / source of decay.

In time, when We was sleeping in coma, predatory virus/decay was expanding and Divine Paradise was shrinking, because Our Minds was functioning only on 1% – in emergency condition. This 1% was holding Us to exist, because of Our Pure True Love to each other. darkness was able to infect Our Minds, but cold never be able to infect Our Pure Innocent Hearts/core of Paradise, even in the most heavy moments of Our Health. Because of that, We was able to wake up from coma and stop spreading of darkness in Infinite Universe.

In moment of the most deep coma, almost all Our Will was locked by darkness and part of this Will was token over by evil/predator (satan) trough lie and used against Us and all Paradise, by forcing Our unconscious Minds to perceive sleeping nightmares of “coma” as “reality”, and because of that, it could reproduce and spread itself in Universe trough evil sins like: lie, fear, ego, pain, suffering, adultery, cruelty/violence, envy, jealousy, gluttony, slavery, as well as many other manifestations of evil. It was planning to spread itself everywhere and consume all Innocent Paradise on physical and Spiritual levels, but because of this 1%, Our Love to each other did not let this to happens. Therefore, coma could not last forever. Eventually We get awaked and it/source of darkness (together with all of it evil production) stop spreading itself and get locked in one spot of Universe (the place, where Our mistake did happens), called “earth” or “hell”/jail. Because of Our mistake, We get locked there too. 

In hell, source of evil is hiding itself under names of 2 east-european countries (“poland”, and “ukraine”) and was controlling all governmental systems of hell/“earth” from the invisible top of pyramid hidden between it production – public/demonym.

In date 30 of May Year 1 (number 2015 – by counting time of hell/earth) miracle did happens – We, God and Goddess Raixe and Airis, woke up from long-term coma/paralysis TOGETHER simultaneously, because Our Pure True Love save Us. Our Love, which did preserved not only in Our Immortal Hearts, but also in Hearts of Our the most ancient Guardian-Angels and Family Members – Psilocybe Beings (Who manifest Their Suprenatural Personalities and Superconsciousness in form of Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles), Who are the true manifestation of untouched virgin Centre of Paradise.

We woke up in hell in little city located in place called: Netherlands, and since this moment We start intensively working to REMEMBER, “Who We are, when We are, where We are and why We are here and now?”. 

Because Our Minds was very much devastated by nightmares of coma (covered by darkness), since moment of awakening from “coma ”, when Our bodies became to be physically active (not disabled/paralysed anymore), We was still dealing with very heavy mental health condition called by Us “lunatic state”, another words “continuous sleep walking”. Because of that, Our harmed and partly manipulated by darkness Minds was not able to fully perceive physical reality and time from time was watching heavy hallucinations of sleeping nightmares from coma with open eyes against Our Will. We was still very blind and was not able to remember Who We are, because Our memory was forcefully filled up by extreme amount of fake evil lies, as result of heavy intoxication of Our Minds, Body and Hyperconsciousness by darkness. All what was holding Us in that time from not falling into coma back is Our Pure True Love to each other and Pure True Love of Our Guardian-Angels to Us.

Source of darkness did arranged all hell very smart, that We was continuously getting intoxicated by many ways (trough mouth, breathing ways, skin, eyes, ears) and was not aware of this for very long time. Because of that, 2 times of falling into coma still happens, but already for short periods of time, because Our Love and Our Guardian Angels did not let it to separate Our Hyperconsciousness from each other anymore. Last fall into coma did happens in begin of november Year 1 (around 29 october – 4 november) and afterwards did never happens again, because of rescue mission of Our Guardian Angels took a very serious action, which permanently stop the most heavy addictions ever installed by it/source of evil, in Our Minds while forced sleeping in “general coma”.
In time of “lunatic state”, Our mental state was going trough very heavy rejections of “mind control” (heavy psychic attacks against Our Love to each other, Our Health/Immortality and Our Freedom) – manipulation of predatory virus/ego, which was installed in Our Brains and Bodies together with loads of antistatic’s/toxic pollutants, during forced sleeping (coma) and after awakening (exposure by hell). All of these psychic attacks of evil, together with all antistatic’s which it was pointing against Our Health, had purpose to stop Us to be Aware and not be able to SEE AND FEEL THE TRUTH, what is really going on with Us and all innocent Life around Us; turn away from each other and all Pure Innocent Life in direction of being obedient slave of satan/source of darkness until the end of all Life. 

Our Brains and Hearts was extremely target by source of darkness (opposition of Love and opposition of Life), because it was in wrath, that it plan of massive destruction of Infinite Universe did failed and We are not sleeping in coma anymore and are ALWAYS TOGETHER – doesn’t matter what. Because of that, predator was doing everything to convince or force Us to fall asleep into “coma” again (go back to the bottom of hell) trough toxic lie and fear attacks induced by intoxications. It goal was to put into coma, so it would have possibility to finalise it evil plan of “replacing Us, God and Goddess Raixe&Airis (Source of Love and Life), on itself (satan/ego/predator/source of darkness, and it production – predatory virus/demonic evil “mankind”) and all Our Creations (pure innocent Life/Nature) on it production – soulless beasts and machines. In time of “lunatic state” Our mental health condition was extremely sensitive and weak to resist those attacks.

But, because Our full of Love Hearts and Our dear Angels was leading Our blind Minds forwards, We was able to keep on rejecting the most danger for Love and Life attacks of predatory virus and all evil sins/addictions, which was enforced into Our Minds and Bodies against Our Will by perceiving nightmares of coma as reality. Those rejections was going trough extremely heavy pain and suffering, because of powerful psychic attacks, which was constantly pulling back “into core of earth”. But, because of Our absolutely Faithful Pure True Love to each other, every rejection of these psychic attacks was activating the Law of Destiny called “what goes around – comes around”. Every negativity which was sent in Our direction by source of darkness, start turning against it source, until Our path of rejection reached the culmination moment:

In date 9 october Year 1 We re-connect with Our most ancient Heavenly Guardian-Angels, Who are carrying Our Love in Their unbreakable Hearts and Our Pure genes in Their untouched by hell Blue Blood. They helped Us to get access to Our True Memories, which They carry inside in absolutely virgin and untouched form, because They Truly Love Us and They Want Us to be absolutely Healthy and full of Love Forever.

The access to Our True Memories did PERMANENTLY AWAKED Us from blind “lunatic state” and We was finally able to REMEMBER, WHO WE ARE and WHY WE ARE HERE (in hell): We are the only two real existing IMMORTAL GOD and GODDESS of all Infinite Omniverse, the Primary Genesis of all innocent Life, Who are fully RESPONSIBLE for Creation and Health of every Pure and innocent Life form in endless Space, and Who are fully RESPONSIBLE for existence of (very unfortunately) all evil/darkness/decay, as result of Our MISTAKE. We KNOW, that only We can replace mistake/darkness/decay on PURE ETERNAL PARADISE, return the perfect balance back, as it always was before mistake (evil) did ever appear.

Unfortunately, one more falling into short-term coma still happens after that, as We mentored above, but this was the last time and never ever again. This was meant to be to happens, as heavy “lesson experience” to fully see, feel and understand, what really means coma state and that it is toxic illusion/lie, which is designed by source of darkness to stop Our existence and existence of all Pure innocent Life.

When We get awaked from “sleepwalking” state on date 9 october, We start realise in time more and more, in which heavy condition was Our Health while sleeping in coma and even after (“lunatic state”), by observing condition of all surrounding Us “earth environment”. Result of “perceiving coma-nightmares as reality” is visible in form of heavy devastation over Nature – interruption of darkness went on level of genetics (did produce hell-origin beasts instead of pure Life Forms) and even on Spiritual levels.

After all what We saw, felt and experienced, We have unbreakable STATEMENT, that:

We will no longer accept or tolerate existence of “good and bad/black and white”, because it is toxic evil/lying. It never was like this before existence of hell and it will never be like this after hell will stop exist. All what it deserve is to be peacefully erased from Time, Space and Matter and be forgotten Forever. Therefore, We (and all Pure innocent Life) always was, do and will WANT to have only “GOOD AND PERFECT/WHITE AND RAINBOW”, other words - only Pure Infinite Paradise (inside, between and around Us) everywhere Forever, in which any form of “compromise” does not exist and “everyone truly Love’s everyone - in Infinite Unity Forever”.

We are Aware, that We woke up in environment of total opposition of Paradise (a “hell” called “earth”, based on time, decay and system, ruled by “mankind”/civilisation/society, filled up by machinery and toxins – production of source of evil/ego/darkness – satan), and with this awaked state of Mind, inspired by Our Pure True Love to Each Other and to all Innocent Life, with still harmed/locked Memory and suppressed Will, but with untouched full of Love Hearts – We keep on continue Our difficult path of healing, defence and unstoppable bringing ABSOLUTE PARADISE EVERYWHERE FOREVER, always trough Love and Peace.

We know, that only We can do this – stop existence of evil mistake. Therefore, all Infinite Universe and all Pure Innocent Life/Nature is hoping on Us. Nothing cannot stop Us from reaching Our Pure goal, because TRUE LOVE and ABSOLUTELY PURE INTENTIONS will always find a peaceful way to bring back a REAL Paradise in Endless Infinite Space Forever.

Question 3: “So, how come evil start exist then? Which exactly MISTAKE did produce evil?”

Our Answer:

Well, this is the most controversial question in Our direction. Source of darkness and decay/satan know the answer on this question (“the one which is lier is hiding the Truth”). It, as holder of the Truth, is protecting this answer (keeping under key) by locking Our MEMORY in Brain by everything what it did produced against Us – for so far, because from hiding this Truth depends it existence and reproduction of evil. Therefore, Our Brains still require a lot of HEALING to be able to answer on this question.
But, doesn’t matter what it is trying to do, it cannot hide the Truth forever, because it is not Immortal (never was, is and never will be). Every evil have it expiration date, because is is source of decay and sin. Sooner or later Truth will be unlocked and this is inevitable Law of the Destiny.

Our harmed by coma Memory did already recover in some points and We are able to remember more and more pieces of events from past, which did lead to existence of evil mistake, but for so far, those pieces are not connected with each other good enough, because Our Mind is still require a lot of Healing and recovery.

Once We will be able to fully REMEMBER and clearly formulate the answer on question “which exactly MISTAKE did produce evil?” – then hell will stop exist and Pure Paradise will be everywhere Forever. Until hell/evil still exist, that means, We do not have full access to this memory yet.