Those fundamental rules are applied to ANY unit of evil, including “mankind” / “humankind”.

For SECURITY REASONS, to protect Themselves from MIND CONTROL, They are giving following rules for any form of evil, including “mankind”:

  1. NOT ALLOWED to do any form of tactile skin impact, other words – any form of so-called “touch” of Our skin or clothings by any form of “mankind” without Our Both permission is strictly forbidden.
  2. NOT ALLOWED to poison Us by ALCOHOL (perfumes or direct ethanol), NICOTINE (regular or electronic cigarettes) or any other forms of poisonous hallucinogenic drugs.
    In case of recognition of any form of danger for life toxins, We are obliged to wear carbon gas masks to protect Our breathing ways and avoid to be in presence of source of toxins as much as possible.
  3. NOT ALLOWED to do eye-impact. We are closing Our eyes while dealing with any unit of “mankind”, because We are protecting Our Mental, Spiritual and Physical Health from virus/black magic, which purpose is to enforce itself and entrance Our Brain trough eyes without Our permission. None of unit of “mankind” is not allowed to convince or force Us to look at it, because this is a VIOLATION ON OUR LOVE (FORCING TO ADULTERY), VIOLATION ON OUR HEALTH (SUCKING OUT LIFE AND FORCING ILLNESS) AND VIOLATION ON OUR FREEDOM (FORCING MIND CONTROL).
    In case of recognition of any form of evil eye-impact, We are obliged to keep Our eyes closed or wear sunglasses, in order to protect Our eyes from black magic.
  4. NOT ALLOWED to do any negative form of audial impact. As We are still using system, We do agree to provide conversations with SOME units of “mankind”- only, because of BUSINESS COOPERATION or solving governmental cases. We do NEVER doing any conversations with any form of “mankind”, except of business/official subjects. That’s why, We are ABSOLUTELY ANTI-SOCIAL: ALWAYS WAS, ARE AND WILL BE. Any personal, or different then business, subject is recognised by Us, as violation on Our privacy, and because of that, We do not allow any form of “humankind” to provide conversations with Us out of business subject.
    The way of communication: We do not allowed to use any form of swear words (explicit language = black magic spells of satan) in Our presence or in Our direction. As well, as We do not allowed to discriminate Us by calling Us: “people; people like you; guys; folks; friends; man; women; boys; girls; brothers; sisters” and other offensive black magic spells. For Us those words are equal swear words and discriminating Our Dignity of the Pure and Innocent Gods = violating on Our Spirituality.
    We don’t want to hear in Our direction such a phrases as “hello”, “have a nice day”, “good bye” or mentoring names of diseases, because for Us this is a black magic spell target on Our Love and Health.
    We do not allow to enforce into Our ears any destructive frequencies of radio/entertainment (opposition of real alive music) AGAINST OUR WILL. In case of recognition of any danger for life entertainment-frequencies, We are obliged to wear earplugs/headphones to protect Our hearing from noice pollution and mind control.
  5. NOT ALLOWED to seduce Us. Any form of seduction behaviour, including tools of seduction (using perfumes, vulgar clothing’s, high heels and other evil weapons) is recognised as the most heavy sin – ADULTERY = violation on Our Love, which is Our the Highest Duty, as the Gods, to REJECT, and PROTECT OUR LOVE. That’s why, We tolerating strictly BUSINESS COOPERATION ONLY – until system still exist.
  6. NOT ALLOWED to project any DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOUR in Our direction.
    We do not allowed to be exposed by any form of opposition of peace (anxiety, anger, aggression, violence and other form of straight manifestation of soulless evil).
    WE do representing ABSOLUTE PEACE AND HARMONY In whole Infinite Cosmos, and do accepting only PEACEFUL cooperations with some of units of system – until “mankind” still exist.We do agree for cooperation and conversation ONLY in NEUTRAL and PEACEFUL FORM.

    In case of violation on those rules, We are dealing with very heavy consequences on Our Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health, as well as violation on Our Love, Freedom and Life of OUR CHILDREN – Pure Innocent Life Forms.

    This is why, We are protecting Ourselves from harm and informing all system about UNDERSTANDING rules of Our Health and Our behaviours.

    In case of braking those fundamental security rules, the consequences on energy/astral levels are inevitable:
    This is the LAW OF THE UNIVERSE.