Transcription of Electronic Statement:

In Day seventh of June Year Fourth/two thousand eighteen, Documents named: 

are OFFICIALLY INTRODUCED INTO SYSTEM and going into legal use.



First ever Diplomatic Identity Documents of the Supreme Immortal Beings, the Gods Raixe&Airis.

Both Diplomatic Passport Cards shall be carried only by Owners, 

the God Raixe Airis and the Goddess Airis Raixe to introduce Their REAL IDENTITY of the Gods and be always UNTOUCHABLE by any form of evil.

Identity Information.

Diplomatic Passport Card includes the following data on the identity information page:

Front side: 1.Type; 2.Code; 3.Passport Number; 4.Name; 5.Surname; 6.Dignity; 7.Nationality; 8.Date of birth; 9.Place of birth; 10.Date of Awakening; 11.Gender; 12.Height; 13.Authority issued document; 14.Date of issue; 14.Date of expiry.

Front side of document ending by machine-readable code (MRZ).

Back Side: 1.Name; 2.Surname; 3.Dignity; 4.Nationality; 5.Date of birth; 6.Place of birth; 7.Awakening date; 8.Document number; 9.Type; 10.Family member; 11.Signature of Supreme Authority – the God/Goddess.
Back side of document ends on Text description of abbreviation “TMIP”.

The Documents Contain following SECURITY FEATURES:

1. Hand written signature of owner (God/Goddess) on front and back side of Passport Card.

2. Each document contain Holographic sticker from front and back side, with individual embossed Guillosche and fluorescent ink over.

2. Fully Individual (custom) creation/design, done in the Temple of THEARCHY, including Coat of Arms, Flag and Insignia.

3. Legalisation Stamp of Thearchical Organization registered in Dutch system under Chamber of Commerce number: 69610975, called:“Stichting Supreme Foundation of the Gods Raixe&Airis”/“Stichting The Gods Raixe&Airis Foundation” (on back side of the document).

4. Hand Created Guillosche, visible under UV light.

5. Micro texts.

6. Hand written signature of owner (God/Goddess) by UV-ink (back side)

Identification rule.

As the MOST IMPORTANT security way to prove the REAL IDENTITY, authentic Diplomatic Passport Card Document shall be always introduced to control ONLY IN PRESENCE OF SECOND FAMILY MEMBER, because the Gods Raixe&Airis ARE ALWAYS TOGETHER as manifestation of ONE GOD in two bodies.

Legal Rights.

Only the Gods Raixe&Airis have Right to possess and use document called “Diplomatic Passport Card”, because only the GODS /SUPREME IMMORTAL BEINGS have Universal Right on this kind of document, given by 

“Supreme Constitution of the Gods Raixe&Airis”.
Following Document is a official invention of the Gods Raixe&Airis, because it is a First ever Card, which have all Features of Identity Passport Page according to ICAO standards, including machine readable code, fully ready for international use.
All rights are reserved and protected since date of introduction of those documents.