07.06.04 (2018)

Website of the Real Alive And AWAKED GODS RAIXE&AIRIS Was hacked by CORRUPTED ORDER OF SATANISM (Source of christianity).

In day 30.05.4 (Time Of The Gods Raixe&Airis) / 30.05.18 (time of satan) was officially rounded 3 years since REAL and ALIVE CREATORS OF ALL LIFE are AWAKED and AWARE WHO THEY REALLY ARE and WHY THEY ARE HERE in hell called system. EVIL is very not satisfied about this fact, because THEY ARE ALWAYS TOGETHER.

In day 05.06.4 (Time Of The Gods Raixe&Airis) / 05.06.18 (time of satan) Application Of Removing “black magic curse” in form of NOT REAL name/surname/family name from corrupted passport dropped on the God Raixe, have been delivered to USC (Government office) in Warsaw.
According to higher mentored event, SATAN is using all it black magic powers and attacking the Gods Raixe&Airis by sending very heavy evil spells in their direction in form of “violations on togetherness of the Gods Raixe&Airis”, while day time and loading very intensive nightmares about coma state, while nights.

the Gods Raixe&Airis.