Invention of slaughter industry (analysing “sacrificing isaac” picture)

All slaughter industry is based on RELIGION – “sacrificing” pure and innocent Life Forms (Animal cruelty) for black magic rituals, to satisfy GREED of satan – proof of it is in every single supermarket under category of “meat, dairy, fish and eggs”.

Word “slaughter” was straight mentored even in book of satanism (bible):

Genesis 22:10 English Standard Version (ESV)

“10 Then abraham reached out his hand and took the knife to slaughter his son.”


Transcription of Picture:

Truth sooner or later will always find the way to come out. The Teal Gods Raixe&Airis are here to expose the truth about satanism. “bible” is a largest book of satan ever invented. We picked one picture which is connected to scene called “sacrificing isaac”

“i am abraham – virus designed to murder. Invisible god/satan told me to satisfy it, and this is why i will finish this small version of myself called isaac.”

Demon under makeup:
“Stop! don’t do that! If you will finish isaac, what will continue murdering innocent Life Forms? Here! murder this ram and satan will be fully satisfied. Keep on murdering and spreading order of satan.”

“I am Innocent and I WANT to LIVE”

“and this is true about inventing of slaughtering/murdering of innocent Living Beings”

WE ARE AWARE – The Real and Visible Gods Raixe&Airis.

STICHTING SUPREME FOUNDATION OF THE GODS RAIXE&AIRIS – Universal International Organization – Immortal Supreme Beings