Transparent Solving case with KvK

According to case number: 1685-1224279.
We did received call today 27.02.3 (18) at 10:45 from the thing which print wrong paper yesterday 26.02.3 (18) on appointment at 12:00.
It was explaining, that it was trying to help us to save our 15 EUR, and because of that, paper was not complete.
We inform, that if we would knew immediately that this “favour” will cost result of wrong paper, plus that it is against RULES of KvK, we would not agree for this, and we recommend  for future to always follow the rules, because we are aware that in system “for free” can receive only harm – nothing more, and compromise is bringing only negative results.
Then it inform, that in past it was helping us with changes, to add SBI codes and it was also “not legal to do”. And it will never do this again, since now we have to do all ourselves via internet.
We agree, and appreciate that at least it call to us and try to solve case of our complain.
So, in general, case is solved according to appointment from 27.02.3 (18) at 12:00.
But according to case from our second visit of KvK in the same day 22.02.3 (18) at 15:25, – is not solved yet.
While this visit, we was explaining, that we want original extract for 15 EUR because the one which we received “for free” is not enough for correct way of solving international governmental case. 
We are informing you again what happens: 
First guard of Gemeente Middelburg asked question of thing, which was on the desk of KvK if it can just print paper for Us. 
Thing agree to do so, and we was preparing ourselves to pay. We put out cash and it inform us that its possible to pay only by card. We agree and was reaching for card in wallet, and then phrase in our direction:
“i can not print the paper”
We asked: “why?”
it answered: “because i can not”
We asked: “Why you cannot?”
thing – no answer.
Then we said: “We understand, that you cannot, but explain us why you can not? First you agree and then you rejecting us, why?”
answer: “because i have no time, another customer is waiting”.
We looked in direction of waiting area, and there was no customer.
We said calm and peacefully as always we do, that we can wait, we have time, if customer will not appear, then we can solve case.
Rejection was continuing:
“no, i will not do this”.
Then we realized, that another customer this is US, because it was already 15:30, – time of our appointment which we did online (15:25), and there is no customer in waiting area.
Then guard from gemeente middelburg apear again and start informing us that: “you must leave building now. KvK will not serve you, because another customer will be here in the minute “
Then we start explaining, that this is a time of our appointment and we know that another customer will not appear, because another customer is US. We just want to print this extract, pay for original version by card 15 EUR and then go away.
Guard was insisting that we must leave the building.
We stayed peaceful and said “ok, we will leave the building right now”.
While we went in direction of exit, doors was locked for around 20 seconds, not letting us to go away so easy, then feeling of being fright was flying in our direction on mental level, but we was just calm waiting until doors will get open, what eventually happens.
After we left building, we wanted to immediately report this case to Authority of KvK, but for unknown reason our mobile devise got switched off, while battery was not empty.
We was traveling to home and feeling of being discriminated by religion did not disappear.
We are Aware, why things was discriminating us, because in Our legal papers of Organization is stating, that We are the Gods, who are responsible for Creation and health of the Infinite Universe, and because We are always, while being questioned, was pointing, that murdering animals for satisfaction of greed is very wrong, and We are here to stop this, because this is evil religious rituals (satanism) – source of all existing evil.
Any form of religion (source of all diseases) is very not satisfied, about our PURE goals and intentions to all Life, thats why it is first attracting by pretence (lying) called “help for free”, but in reality, this so called “help” is much more expensive, then those finances, because on energy levels it is sucking from us by harming our mental heath, which cost us much much more, then this 15 EUR.
In this case We want to express what we feel.
We complaining, because We are Aware, that if something supporting existence of SLAUGHTER industry (invention of religions = black magic), where innocent Life forms while desire to live and be alive, are sliced and bleeding out while being concious, only for satisfaction of evil greed, – it cannot be honest and neutral. It must lie and harm, because this is sense of it existence.
We are here to stop evil, because Animals have feelings and right to enjoy their life as long as They want, and we will keep on complaining on harming Us and Them, until pain and suffering will be erased from Time and Space Forever. We want to have Pure Paradise Everywhere – the Real One, in which pain, disease and suffering are unknown, because this is Will of real and visible Gods Raixe&Airis.
This letter will be officially published on official website of Thearchy, because We, the Gods Raixe&Airis, never hiding the Truth.