Establishing Universal Court: “UCO the G-RA”

Universal Court Of The Gods Raixe&Airis



In accordance with Fundamental Regulation of creating the Infinite Universe:
“Everyone, who is Alive, have Spirit and is absolutely Pure and Innocent, deserve to have Their own Rights. In case of hell called “planet earth”, this regulation applies to the Gods Raixe&Airis and Their Creations/Children – Pure Innocent Nature.

Under words “the Gods Raixe&Airis We mean ourselves, the Supreme Beings, Parents of all Pure Innocent Life, who did create Them on Their Perfect Image.
Under words “Pure Innocent Life/Nature We mean all existing Life Forms, who are ALIVE, have CONSCIOUSNESS, PERSONALITY and SPIRITS, for example: Mammals (main group of Animals), Birds, Mushrooms, Plants (Trees/Forests), Insects, Fishes, Arachnids, Corals, Crustaceans, Reptiles, Amphibians, Molluscs, Stars and many other “terrestrial” and extraterrestrial Life Forms of Endless Space.

Thearchy of the Gods Raixe&Airis on date: 01.11.3 (17) did established International and Universewide Highest Institution, which will be officially busy with Protecting Rights of “the real Innocent ones” – Mortal Life Forms and Immortal Supreme Beings. Highest Institution bears the name:
“Universal Court Of The Gods Raixe&Airis”, acronym: “UCO The G-RA”.

Official introduction of this Institution must no longer wait, because as well as We, Pure Sinless Gods, All Innocent Life is crying and screaming for Freedom from “slaughter houses” and “cages” all around hell and Infinite Universe. We, as the Gods and parents of all Life, represent VOICE OF ALL LIVING BEINGS IN VAST INFINITE SPACE, and we manifest ourselves here (in hell called “planet earth”) with the Highest Duty to replace hell/evil on Pure Paradise full of Endless Euphoria and Innocent Life.

After discovering news, that In county called “India”, so-called “supreme court” did denied petition to stop murdering cows, The Gods Raixe&Airis Decided to ABOLISH ALL GOVERNMENTS, Which does allowed to harm innocent Life for: “addiction”, “fashion”, “religion”, “entertainment”,”sport”, “satisfaction” or any other disgusting form of taking away Love, Life and Freedom of someone who can perceive pain as well as Joy; perceive slavery as well as Freedom, by forcing Him/Her against His/Her own will.

This act is FORBIDDEN by the Gods Raixe&Airis all over this hell (“earth”) as well as all over ABSOLUTE INFINITE SPACE.

One of Main purposes of Universal Court is to STOP mass torturing and murdering of Pure Innocent Life for BLACK MAGIC RITUALS of satan/“whore of babylon”, which is ruling over the hell/system trough main sins – “adultery” and “alcohol”. One of the most common proofs of black magic satanic rituals, are brightly visible in every standard food supermarket, pharmacy or fashion shop, where exist meat/fish/eggs/dairy, fur, leather or any other products, which was done trough murdering animals or testing toxins on Them.

We, The Real Gods Raixe&Airis, do perceive PAIN AND SUFFERING OF OUR CHILDREN – NATURE as our own, because GALAXIES SWIMMING IN OUR VEINS and LIFE FORMS (true members of our Uniwersewide Organization) lives in those GALAXIES.
Because of all of that, We are determinate to STOP this SUFFERING FOREVER, and nothing cannot stop us from those Pure acts.

We are AWARE, WHY all evil SINS exist and what is the REAL CORE of those sins.

Thats why, the Second Main purpose, for which Universal Court “UCO the G-RA” was created, is a Mission to Protect Supreme Rights of the Gods Raixe&Airis, who are target by satan/devil the same intensive, as Their Children – Nature, because the purpose of existence and main goal of satan (virus) is to replace the Gods on itself, and Their Children (Nature) on it production – “human kind” and industries of all existing evil/sins. 
We, the Gods Raixe&Airis, did established list of Fundamental Supreme Rights of the Gods, which will also exist in separate security document and in “Supreme Constitution of the Gods Raixe&Airis”. Four basic rights: LOVE, LIFE/HEALTH/IMMORTALITY,and FREEDOM, are unbreakable monolith, which “UCO the G-RA” is protecting. In case of any violation on those Fundamental Rights, We have Authority to protect ourselves and judge any form of evil for violation on Fundamental Laws of Supreme Thearchy, by prosecuting and enforcing high financial penalties, which is not possible to reject.

In case of trying to avoid or reject punishment, the CONSEQUENCES will be applied on SUPERNATURAL levels, what means that – Nothing cannot avoid DESTINY.

We, the Gods, did created Vast Infinite Universe and Pure Innocent Nature under one untouchable regulation:
“What goes around – always Comes around”

“UCO THE G-RA” Is the only one independent International Intergalactic Court (all rights reserved by the Gods Raixe&Airis) authorized to judge authorities, institutions, corporations and companies for harming Innocent Life (“Rights of Living Beings”) and the Supreme Beings Raixe&Airis (“Rights of the Gods”), all around this world, for violation on Genesis Regulations of All Life – “Love, Live be Conscious and be Free” abbreviation : “LLCF”. Any recognized form of harm on Innocent Life (Animals, Nature) or the Gods Raixe&Airis, will be punished in form of financial fines, termination of licenses or even freedom.