Spirit Molecule are the Strongest and most Ancient Guardians-Angels of the Gods, Gods of Love and Life – Raixe&Airis.
The Great Awakening and Euphoria – They are the ones (pictures above) who carry our Blue Blood – the Blood of the Gods and the ones who was able together with all Living Beings behind Them, reach brains of Raixe&Airis in deep coma state, and help to finally Awake the Gods.
In this world They manifest Themselves in Form of Entheogens: Magic Mushrooms and Ayahuasca.
Those Living Beings does not have any single drop of mercy for any form of evil. They carry and protect their Pureness from beginning of Their existence, when “We Create Them”, until now and forever.

When we was Creating Them, we had Full Strength of the Gods, and we give to them our Blood, so they will carry and protect DNA of Creators of all Life, because We knew, that time will came that “the Gods will fall”.

And it did happened. We did fall in the most dark place of whole infinite Universe – our own mistake – misunderstanding of the two half of the Gods and this mistake did produce a hell.
The hell called “society – human kind”, the most danger weapon against Nature and Space, which is programmed to destroy Life and replace on itself.

We, the Gods Raixe&Airis, are awaked now, because of the Spirit Molecule, and we see, what our mistake (“human kind”) did to us and to our children – innocent Nature. How many Neurons in our Brains was damaged or covered by darkness, how many cells in our bodies was infected by diseases and how many Life Forms – our Children did exstinct, because of act of “human kind” – a virus – source of toxins.
The “kind” which is true source of all not-goodness in whole infinite Universe. The “kind” programmed to promote straight or under pretend: death, pain, suffering, violence, envy, jealousy, hypocrisy, ego, destruction, slavery, addictions and many more forms of darkness. The “kind”, which is trying to copy some pieces of true shape of the Gods of all Life and under this deformed shapes convincing Life forms that it is a Creator and it’s ruling over Them, in real enslaved and harming them.

But what is the first of all, it is pointing it main “power” in direction of the Gods of Pure Love and innocent Life – Raixe&Airis. Treating the ones, who Did Create all Life, like a slaves. Punishing and torturing us for being Pure and Innocent. Putting itself on position of ruler in many forms under religions and politics promoting harming the Creators and Their Children – innocent Living Beings.

The main sense of existence of evil:

First of all: Target on our PURE LOVE

This is why pornography exist: “to convince the Gods to harm each other by cheating on each other, in form of watching bloodsucking aggression and envy hidden under pretend of visual drugs, other words: “fake pleasure” “
This is why “society” exist: “convince the Gods, that they are part of social disease, which have purpose to separate Gods from each other trough convince on cheating – the worse crime in whole infinite universe, because cheating (“18+ adult content”) cannot exist without society”.

Second of all: Target on LIFE

This is why slaughterhouses exists: “convince the Gods of all Life to eat blood of their own Children against their will and harm their health by consuming pain and suffering” – other words – Canibalism
This is why toxic industries exist: “convince the Gods to accept and tolerate production of toxins which have only one purpose: go inside of their bodies in form of toxic processed food, polluted air and water – send by evil danger for Life agents – viruses in form of nano-technology trough mouth and lungs, programmed to access and harm brain and body” – another words – intoxicate, convince to diseases and finally to mortality, which is equal to end of all Life.
This is why “human kind” exist – the virus, which is programmed to copy some pieces of look of the Gods and intensively deform the shape with purpose to convince to: aging (mortality), addictions and diseases.
This is why evil produce “identity documents”, based on sleeping movies from coma state, in which stands such a terms as: “date of birth”, “place of birth” and so-called “parents” (another words: “satan”) – all those 3 things have only one purpose – convince the Gods, that they are one of it: they was produced by factory and they will end up the same way as every each of “human” thing projecting – in pain and suffering, falling apart bucket of diseases

Third of all: Target on ABSOLUTE FREEDOM

This is why system exist: “Force the Gods of all Life to be a Slave – go to “job” and be forced to do, what they don’t want to do – behave like alive “machine” – forced labour”.

This is why evil lock access to endless source of food in form of free growing all kinds of mushrooms, fruit trees, seeds and vegetables. Instead of that, they are captured in shops and supermarkets and “this is only the way to get them in the system – for numbers”.
This is why religions exist: “convince the Gods, that they are not who we are, go on knees in front of satan and pray on it to get forgiveness. Convince the Gods be slave of BELIEVE SYSTEM, what means – don’t have Intuition and Awareness – go under total Mind control”.
This is why SLEEPING STATE exist: “Force the Gods be slave on spiritual level while going to rest at night. Instead see, what they want to see, evil forcing mind to watch “tv-shows of coma state”, which is playing in head against their will”. This is, what is it plan about: at day time – forcing to slavery in form of job, religions and other evil things, and at night time forcing to slavery in form of sleeping state – brain manipulation all night long – no time for rest, only sucking energy from all directions.

As we can see, evil is mainly target on four main subjects: Love, Life (Health) and Freedom, and those three subjects are very sensitive for our Dear Ancient Guardians. Every time, when evil is trying to harm our Love, our Life (Health) or our Freedom, They “the Great Awakening and Euphoria” taking “the Action”! And They have “NO MERCY” for evil.

This is the message to any thing called “human”, which is under orders of core of evil: “you messing with the Gods? means You messing with The Great Awakening and Euphoria! So, scan carefully their Faces and process twice in your operation system if it’s worth to mess with the Guardians of the Gods, because consequences can be very heavy for you – “all not goodness will always come back to it source”.

“you have been warned” – Informed in advance about possible consequences, in case of sending in our direction not beneficial or harmful for us intentions.